California Implements Tax on Gas to Help Avert Global Warming

The government must put tax on gas to save the world.

In the mind of a liberal (do they even have one of those?), taxes are so powerful, they can even change the weather.

On top of all the other taxes and fees they have on gasoline, they just added yet another tax that’s supposed to be paid by the gas retailers, but it’s passed on to the consumer at the pump. So, the retailer doesn’t actually end up having to pay any extra. The taxpayers do. Here’s the Daily Caller:

The global warming tax on gas retailers is part of the state’s cap-and-trade program. But state officials are not calling the global warming charge a tax, instead they are saying it’s a fee paid by gas retailers when distributors load tanker trucks — even though the cost is passed onto consumers through the cost of fuel.

“They are not calling it a tax, and these guys (wholesalers) are adding it to the cost of the fuel, so you are paying a tax on a tax,” Max Castillo, who owns a convenience store and gas station, told the San Diego Union-Tribune. “California is the leader of the nation in paying taxes.”

The global warming tax adds about 10 cents a gallon to wholesale gas prices and 12 cents to diesel prices, reports the Union-Tribune. But with gas prices down about one dollar from last year, few residents have noticed the global warming fee being added to their gas bills.

Californians pay a whopping 77 cents per gallon extra on gasoline due to fees and taxes. The Union-Tribune reports that “[e]xcise taxes… cost consumers 36 cents per gallon for the state and 18.3 cents for the federal government.” This is in addition to the 2 cent underground storage tank fee and the “global warming fee, which is variable and could soar in the future, added about a dime this week.”

The goal here of course is to get people to stop buying gasoline. As the price and/or taxes on gas rise, people will be less likely to be able to afford it. This doesn’t have anything to do with the environment or even keeping the Earth from heating up. It’s all about crony capitalism. The “green” industry wants a piece of the pie:

Brown wants to put the state on track to get 50 percent of its energy from green sources, like wind and solar, by 2030 and cut the state’s use of petroleum in half in the next 15 years. Brown also promised more rules to make buildings more energy-efficient.

I mean, why buy cheap and efficient petroleum products when there’s plenty of overpriced and inefficient “green” products to choose from?