California Apartment Complex Prohibits Tenant From Displaying US Flag in Window

Steve Roberts never had any trouble displaying his large American flag in his front window under his apartment complex’s prior management. When management changed hands in April, they started giving him a hard time about his flag. They wouldn’t renew his lease unless he removed it.

As with most apartment complexes and HOAs, there are rules about how you decorate your area. In my old townhouse, we had to have a certain color of blinds. I didn’t realize it mattered until we bought a cheap set of blinds that were light brown. I got a notice saying that I was in violation, and that the blinds had to be either white or off-white. They threatened fines if I didn’t fix it immediately.

So, this flag issue is really no different. But if you look at the actual rule in Mr. Roberts’ lease, it states, “No decorations, signs, or lettering may be exhibited or fixed outside of the resident’s apartment.” His flag is inside the window. And when he closes his blinds, it covers up the flag. So, technically, he’s not in violation of their rules.

Here’s ABC 10 News:

A year ago, Roberts bought an American flag and hung it across his front window, inside his apartment at The Oaks in Santee.


Problems began in April when the management company for The Oaks changed hands.

”Apparently, the FDC management group doesn’t like me flying the American flag or displaying it. When I went to renew my lease in April, I was told by the lady in the leasing office that the district manager told them if I took down the flag they would renew my lease; until then I could only be month to month,” said Roberts.

Roberts likes his flag, because it reminds him of his father who served in the military for 25 years. He told 10 News that the American flag “means to me, freedom.” Yet, in an ironic twist, he’s not free to display that symbol of freedom in his own window.

Maybe the new management thinks the American flag is racist. Especially in the midst of the border crisis. The thing is, liberals are totally fine with impoverished Mexicans flooding in across our Southern border. But they wouldn’t want anyone else from any other country doing that. They actually think that America and Mexico are both part of the same “community,” and that we should just allow this integration until we have some sort of North American Union. That’s what this is all about. People from other countries have a very difficult time becoming citizens here. But if you’re a poor Mexican, no need to apply. Just come on over. If you’re not OK with that, then you’re a racist.