By Definition, Conservatism Cannot Be Extreme

Other than “racist,” “homophobe,” “Islamophobe,” “bigot,” and “sexist,” one of the media’s and the elected Democrats’ most preferred pejoratives for conservatives and Republicans is the word “extremist.” We are “radical,” we are “extreme,” we are wing-nuts on the outer fringes of society.

One of the conservatives’ and Republicans’ most extreme policy positions, as the media insists to the public, are on abortion: we are against it. How extreme. There are unborn babies whose arms are being pulled off and skulls crushed and made into a bloody soup before extraction through the vagina–one of the processes of abortion–but to say I don’t like that, to say I think it should not be permitted, well, that makes me an extremist. My opposition to violence against the defenseless innocent is extreme.

The result of the pro-life movement is simply that another baby has been allowed to be born safely into the world, to exercise his or her right to life.

The result of the pro-“choice” movement is a dismembered baby lying in a gory pulp in an industrial sink waiting to be ground up in an industrial garbage disposal. (Yes, that’s what happens.)

Now you tell me which movement is the extreme one.

It is much like saying that having love for your fellow man, caring for the weak, and having sympathy and compassion for the helpless are all extreme positions.

My boss, who’s an elderly church-going “Christian,” said last year of a local pro-life politician, Delegate Bob Marshall, “He’s a little extreme on the abortion thing.”

Without missing a beat (yes, pride is one of my vices), I responded, “Jesus would have been too.”

Helpless to dare debate that point, my boss settled on simply saying, “Well….”

And that’s just abortion. How can conservatism in general be extreme?

To act conservatively is, by definition, to act in moderation. “I drink conservatively” means “I drink in moderation.” To make conservative changes to one’s daily routine means to not change a whole lot.

Conversely, to act liberally is, by definition, to take extreme measures. To apply a liberal amount of ointment is to apply a lot of ointment, to apply more than is actually needed; an extreme amount, in short.

Isn’t it creepy that Democrats engage in such Orwellian double-speak as to completely reverse the definitions of words in an attempt to literally brainwash society?