Business Should Be Able to Hire and Fire Whomever They Want and for Whatever Reason They Want

Black, white, gay, straight, Christian, Atheist, male, female, it doesn’t matter; if a private business wants to discriminate against any one or combination of these types, who cares? Who cares? If a private-business owner doesn’t want to hire any female Christians, he should have the right to not hire them for that reason (and I say that as a Christian). If a private-business owner finds out an employee is a gay Atheist, he should have the right to fire him for that reason (assuming he doesn’t like gays or Atheists).

The free market would sort things out. It would be a bad idea to fire someone for his race or sexual preference, etc., because the news will get out that such-and-such business hates [race] and hates [sexual preference], and within a short while, he will notice a shortage of customers. Eventually the business will go belly-up. But if he wants to risk going bankrupt for his discrimination, let him take that risk, and you can take your business elsewhere.

It doesn’t pay to discriminate. It does pay to hire the best for the job, regardless of that person’s personal life and views. If a business has the choice to hire an incompetent white guy or a very competent black lady, you can bet your butt that that business will hire the black lady–unless he doesn’t care about his business. If he doesn’t care about his business, the business will go under soon enough anyway, so just let him, and let’s all relax.

Discrimination in the workplace should be legal, period.

“Oh, I know why you want businesses to discriminate. It’s because if you started a business, you’d refuse to hire anybody who isn’t a white devil!”

No. But here is a list of people I would refuse to hire:

  • Anybody with dreadlocks, piercings, visible tattoos
  • Practicing Muslims (if they’re “Muslim” the way most of today’s “Jews” are Jewish, however—that is, non-practicing—no problem)
  • Atheists (I would not absolutely refuse to hire an atheist, but I’d have some reservations and would have to do some hard thinking; atheists have no moral base on which to make their judgments, so I can’t trust that he wouldn’t steal from the register or something else immoral)
  • Gay people who make a show of being gay; that is, the gays who act like caricatures of females from another planet. This category also includes public cross-dressers and guys who wear makeup
  • Blacks who slur their speech and otherwise don’t use acceptable grammar
  • Whites who slur their speech and otherwise don’t use acceptable grammar
  • Smokers (I don’t want you taking 10-minute smoke breaks every 30 minutes)
  • Illegal aliens of any race
  • Anybody with a thick accent (customers hate not being able to understand store clerks)
  • Anybody who can’t do the job competently

Anybody else, I’d hire. But that’s just me. Others might refuse to hire Indians because they hate Indians, or refuse to hire redheads, such as me, because they hate redheads. Fine! Who cares? Find a job somewhere else, bring your patronage to another business, stop insisting that everybody has to like you, and stop, for the love of God, stop beseeching the government to enforce friendship!