Business Bans Obama Voters and Now Business Is Booming

The gun-shop owner who made the (awesome) public decision to refuse to sell guns to Obama supporters says his business is booming.

Cope Reynolds took an ad out in the local newspaper which read, “If you voted for Barack Obama, your business is not welcome at Southwest Shooting Authority. You have proven you’re not responsible enough to own a firearm.”

Reynolds says he was making a political point more than a business one, but it turns out that the political point was a good marketing tool.

“People are saying that I’ve alienated half of our customers,” said Reynolds. “No I haven’t. I haven’t alienated any of my customers, because the people who voted for Obama don’t buy guns here. They don’t come here at all.”

That’s exactly right. Why should liberals care? It’s like if a conservative were to complain that the sex-bondage shop on Main Street refuses the patronage of Romney voters. Big deal.

Of course I stand with Reynolds, but not because I agree with his politics. He could be a business owner and say that he refuses to allow conservatives into his store, or refuses to allow Christians or whites, and I’d support that decision 100 percent. I would not support his business, but I would his decision.

There are of course many liberals who believe Reynolds has no right to refuse the business of anybody, and that is because liberals are fascists and have no innate desire to be free.

If I own property, should I not have the right to decide who I permit on that property? That I use the property to run a business should have no bearing on the matter. And let’s suppose I run my business from my home; what right does the government have to tell me I am not allowed to refuse entry into my home to anyone I please? Not only that, but why would anybody, liberal or otherwise, want the government to have such power that it has to approve of the way I handle guests (customers) in my home (business)? What good is gained from forcing me to essentially invite anybody and everybody into my home?

In a truly free society, everyone has the right to operate his business and use his property for whatever purpose he so chooses.