TSA Bullying: How the State Smacked Down a Mother For Trying to Protect Her Daughter

I know that “bullying” is widely defined as simply threatening or harassing. But in my mind the classic school bully has a more specific method. The classic bully is crafty in how he deals with the school authorities. A classic school bully intimidates you and harasses you, but makes sure you seem like the bad guy when you fight back. Suddenly you find yourself dragged to the principal’s office because you allegedly attacked or insulted the bully. All his actions are ignored and your actions are portrayed as aggression rather than as a response to aggression.

Our law enforcement forces have learned how to deprive us of our rights by being the classic bully. And nowhere is this done more often or more egregiously than in our airports. Thanks to empowerment from Al Qaeda, our masters have a devil’s playground in every American travel point—free reign to take nudie digital photographs, irradiate us, and if we dare opt out, molest us and our children and blame us for not being grateful for the abuse.

So when I see news stories like this, the tactic is easy to recognize because I read about it in Harry Potter, and lived through it in Junior High. Andrea Abbot didn’t want her daughter irradiated and photographed through her clothes so she opted out of the nudie scanners. Then she was outraged by the nature of the pat down. So since she “saw something” she “said something,” and was led away in hand cuffs for her trouble.

The TSA agents claimed that Abbot was out of control, yelling and cursing. When a video surfaced it showed she was calm, despite being face to face with a group of officers. They also accused her of blocking two security lanes but the video doesn’t show anyone is blocked from passing through. Nevertheless, the prosecution stuck to her story, saying it was “unreasonable” to believe that TSA agents would lie. “What she did was a crime.”

The logic of the police state is a recipe for degrading democracy. Since Abbot had the power to “file a complaint,”( which we all know would simply put in the circular file) the courts have the right to criminalize speech. Because she wanted to confront people for what they were doing on the spot, she can be punished for what she said.

Of course, they never say they are censoring speech. The woman was sentenced to a year on probation for the conveniently vague charge of “disorderly conduct.”

The most telling detail from the AP story was that the woman’s lawyer took her case pro bono. How many of the masses being shunted through the police state’s humiliation line can really afford a lawyer or the resources to mount a capable defense that will puncture through the state’s illusion that they are just trying to protect people? I suspect that people with those resources aren’t taken to court. A true social Darwinian, the state gains power from the weakest members of society.

This story shows we need to really get the word out to all potential jury members. The fact that Abbot, because she didn’t like her daughter being molested, was persecuted by her own peers demonstrates that society is sick. Furthermore, every conservative needs to find out how prosecutors and District Attorneys get selected. We have got to find a way to get officers of the courts who are more concerned about the Bill of Rights than looking “tough on crime.”

The officials who are “tough” are on the side of real criminals—the bullies in blue uniforms.