Brown University’s Workshop For Colored Queers

It has since been removed, but there was an event posted on the Facebook page of Brown University that was to host a workshop for students who are both gay and racial minorities and who are attracted to white people. The aim of the workshop was to get the gay minorities to stop pining for whitey.

The event page read:

“Some of us…find ourselves falling always for the white queers or other bodies that possess dominant power, wishing we could have more agency in the process, be more intentional about who we desire and how.”

Let me interrupt to note that it is now apparently okay to refer to gay people as queers. Ah, the ever-changing rules of liberalism.

The page continues:

“We are invested in generating a politics of sexuality that compels us to interrogate beauty as privilege and constructed by systems of white supremacy, ableism, capitalism, and heteronormativity.”

And here’s a description of what will be happening at the event:

“We will break into POC and White caucus groups for a part of the workshop to unpack some of our specific experiences of racialized desire. This will be an intentional, anti-racist, and feminist space.”

See that term, “POC”? It stands for “People of Color.” I am now noting in my brain for future reference that, according to the rules as dictated by liberals, it is now apparently okay to refer to blacks, for example, as colored people. My, how far we have regressed.

During the Republican primary season of 2011, much attention was paid to the husband of candidate Rep. Michele Bachmann. Marcus Bachmann ran a Christian counseling center that, it was alleged, tried to counsel the homosexuality out of kids. Michele Bachmann was branded guilty, by association, of trying to change gay people.

“You can’t change gay people; who you’re attracted to is not a choice! It can’t be changed!” So went the argument.

But here we have a gaggle of gays at Brown University attempting to do just that: changing who gay people are attracted to. If the Bachmanns’ offense was trying to change gays, then Brown University is doubly guilty for not only trying to change gays, but to do it in an “anti-racist” (read: racist) way.

Liberals have taught us so much in this single story:

We’ve learned that it’s okay to refer to gays as queers; that it’s okay to refer to blacks as colored; that attraction to others is a choice; that it’s okay to try and manipulate that choice; and that it’s okay to run workshops that teach minorities to actively discriminate against whites.

This is what’s known as progress in Democratic circles.