British Government Approves of Three-Parent Genetically Modified Humans

When God created Adam and Eve, He also created the covenant of marriage between them and Him.  Genesis 2:24 reads:

“Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.”

For the past 6,000 years, most cultures, Christian or not, have held close to this covenant of marriage.  These days, that covenant is being attacked from many different directions.  Fidelity, promiscuity, co-habitation, divorce and homosexuality are all at war with traditional biblical marriage.

Now, with the approval of the British government, a new threat to biblical marriage is being launched.  The British Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) has just approved the process of implanting the DNA of a third person into a developing embryo in vitro.  The process, a form of germline alteration, uses the mitochondrial DNA of a third person into the embryo that already has the DNA of both parents in the nucleus.  The mitochondrial DNA of the third parent is then passed on from generation to generation.

Supposedly, the HFEA received public approval of the procedure before granting it their permission.  They claim the prospective positive aspects of the procedure could be greater than the potential risks.  Additionally, they are saying the procedure appears to be safe, but then there isn’t any data to go on with which to make that claim.

The HFEA have placed certain restrictions and regulations on the use of the procedure such as it should only be used for the purpose of preventing a serious mitochondrial genetic disease and that all children born from this procedure be monitored over their lifetime.

Not everyone is supportive of the idea of implanting a third person’s DNA into an already fertilized and developing embryo.

Christian Concern CEO Andrea Williams commented, saying:

“The possibility of having children with same-sex biological parents carries serious ethical implications and emotional risks for children which have not been adequately considered by the HFEA.”

“These proposals ultimately encourage a eugenic attitude and pave the way for the genetic modification of children, with all its resultant consequences. Any alterations to the human genome will be permanent, and unexpected genetics problems will be passed down to future generations.”

Some ethicists sent a letter to the Times stating:

“We believe the benefits to a small number of parents are heavily outweighed by the risks to the child and to society.  This would be the first instance of regulatory approval for modification of the human germ line. There is a long-standing international consensus that we should not cross this ethical line, since it is likely to lead to a future of genetically modified ‘designer’ babies.”

The Guardian received a letter signed by a baker’s dozen physicians that warned about the:

“risk dehumanising and commodifying relationships between children and their parents.  It would be the first time such intentional genetic modifications of children and their descendants were expressly permitted and would open the door to further genetic alterations of human beings with unforeseeable consequences.”

Whenever man starts thinking and acting like he knows better than God, the consequences are always disastrous and I don’t see this as being any different.  Next to the practice of selective abortion based upon sex and genetic markers, this is the next step to genetically engineered children.  In time, a person will be able to go into a clinic and select a child with all of the specific traits they want, kind of like ordering a new car or having a custom home built.

The miracle of childbirth as God created it will be lost, along with the recognition that it was God that created it in the first place.  Instead, selecting the child of your choice will be a completely godless part of life.  The reason God created marriage in the first place was for man to produce godly offspring (Malachi 2:14-15).  But having three biological parents completely upends God’s natural plan and chances are, the offspring of such a procedure will not be as godly as He would like them to be.