Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro Threatened by Trans Reporter: “Cut That Out Now, Or You’ll Go Home in an Ambulance”

Ironically, this trans reporter was just saying how Shapiro was “consumed with hatred.” Shapiro never displayed any hatred. He only voiced his opinion, as everyone else on the panel was doing.

But because Shapiro did not voice the correct opinion, the rules of engagement were allowed to change. All of a sudden, it was perfectly acceptable to make threats against him and belittle him, calling him a “little man” and “little boy.”

So, Bruce Jenner got some award for being “courageous” for telling the world that he wanted to pretend to be a woman. Just because Bruce has a Y chromosome and the right anatomical equipment doesn’t mean he’s male. Saying so is judgmental and hateful. But having a couple silicone bags implanted on his chest and wearing a wig and a ton of makeup is more than enough to make him a female. Go figure. Liberals are the only people in the world afforded the right to be anti-science to the ridiculous extreme.

Ben Shapiro was only saying what everyone in the world thinks but is afraid to say, and he got threatened for it:

They’re praising Bruce for normalizing something that isn’t normal. In fact, even they acknowledge that it’s not normal by referring to “gender dysphoria,” a “condition” where a person’s biological gender doesn’t coincide with his “actual” gender. The presumed treatment for such a disorder is sex reassignment surgery, where a surgeon rearranges the person’s genitals to loosely resemble those of the opposite sex. Or, in Bruce’s case, give him hormones and implants and let him keep his “manhood.” That’s supposed to make the person’s life better, by catering to his delusions.

Of course, I don’t even think it’s delusional. There is a such thing as sin, and we live in a culture that seeks to redefine all manners of sin as one’s “identity.” We’re supposed to seek out our “true” identities and proudly display them to the world. Unless of course, your true identity is founded in Christ, in which case the world will despise you: