The Boston Marathon Bombers Won

Politicians love it when terrorist attacks happen. They use those attacks for their own political gain. It means they get to pretend to mourn victims’ deaths with a fake tear in their eye and proclaiming that they’ll “never forget,” while taking everyone else’s freedoms away, one by one. They know that a police and surveillance state is a much easier sell to Americans when the media’s obsessed with a terrorist attack 24/7. Naïve viewers get scared and want the government to “do something,” and at that point, people are willing to do anything to feel safe again. At this year’s Boston Marathon, “security” checkpoints were set up and everyone’s bags were subject to warrantless searches. Writing for the Bay State Examiner, Andrew and Maya reported:

The checkpoints were part of a new security plan, which was put in place in response to last year’s Boston Marathon bombings, which killed three and injured more than 260 people.

Prior to the race, the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA)published a list of recommendations for spectators including no backpacks, no loose clothing, no costumes or masks, no liquids in excess of one liter, and no weapons of any kind. MEMA also said that spectators may have their bags and bulky items searched at the aforementioned checkpoints.

We saw a number of these checkpoints in action and observed that the searches were primarily carried out by private security guards under the watch of Boston police officers. Once a person’s bag had been searched, the security guards would attach a tag to it and allow the person through.

The searches were not voluntary. Each checkpoint featured a banner reading “All bags and containers are subject to search.” We saw one man being forcibly removed from the area beyond a checkpoint by police officers who noticed that his mesh bag did not have a tag on it. Police took the bag away from the man and would not allow him back into the area until a security guard had searched it…

The fact that the security guards were fixating on people with bags and allowing people without bags to pass through without being searched also meant that they would not be able to identify people who were carrying knives, guns, and other small weapons on their person.

Furthermore, the police did not even manage to completely secure the area around the finish line. At one point on Monday, while we were wandering around the city looking for checkpoints to document, we realized that we had somehow gotten into the area behind the checkpoints without even meaning to. Maya was even wearing a fanny pack with camera equipment that had wires protruding from it that almost certainly would have been searched had we passed through a checkpoint.

In addition to bag checks, the police presence was doubled from last year’s marathon, with about 3,500 police officers from various agencies present along with FBI and National Guard. More than a hundred surveillance cameras with live feeds were installed along the marathon route and monitored by police.

This is why the TSA were created. Because of 9/11. And the TSA goons haven’t caught a single terrorist in all the years they’ve existed. Seriously, how difficult would it be for a real terrorist to get past these “security” checkpoints at the Boston Marathon event? As Andrew and Maya reported, the event wasn’t completely cordoned off with “security” personnel. They inadvertently “infiltrated” the event without going through a checkpoint. So, what exactly were these checkpoints for? They weren’t protecting anyone. All they were doing was getting people used to being slaves and being treated like cattle. They’re getting people used to the idea that the 4th and 5th Amendments (and the rest of the Bill of Rights for that matter) are null and void and outdated. We’ve “progressed” beyond being a free people and toward being a slavish mass that’s concerned only with feeling safe, chained to government “security.”