Boobsman Outrages Hypocritical Feminists

I hate feminists just as much as the next normal person, but this guy’s a pervert (warning: immodest video, see below). His actions amount to getting his rocks off while using someone else’s body without her permission. He’s a creep, through and through. (Is it wrong that I picture him as Japanese? This is totally something a guy from Tokyo would do.)

This guy goes around in some Eastern European country dressed as “Boobsman,” who is a sort of human-mammogram superhero he invented. He uses it as an excuse to grope women’s boobs without their permission.

And he does so in the most aggressive way. He approaches them, tells them he checks women’s breasts for lumps, and before he even finishes his sentence, before they can even register where his fast-talking is leading, he lunges forward and grabs hold of a mammary.

A lot of feminists are outraged by it. I was too, when I first saw it.

But then it occurred to me, wait, this is in Europe. Europeans are always mocking Americans for how we view the human body as taboo, for our relative aversion to public sexuality. And American liberals are always trying to get Americans to be like Europe in this way too. They view the human body as nothing to be ashamed of, no big deal, nothing sexual, etc., etc.

Most of the women the creep does it to look shocked for the first second or two. They’re not used to someone doing this, of course. But then they start laughing because of how silly it all is. It’s Europe, after all, and they’re progressive. Only one woman punches the man; she was raised to be a traditional girl, no doubt, and doesn’t tolerate what liberals have done to Europe. Other women act like it’s no big deal. Boobs are “just sacks of fat,” as feminists so often like to tell us.

While Boobman’s actions would be a huge deal in America—evidenced by the fact that American feminists are (hypocritically) outraged by it—it’s really not that big a deal at all since the perv does his perving in Europe. This is what liberals want, a human-body-is-no-big-deal society. Boobsman is the fruit of the liberals’ attempts to normalize public sexuality.

So now I’m chastising myself for initially being what the Left would call a conservative prude.