Boehner’s Healthcare Premiums Double Thanks to Obamacare

It’s about time we start hearing just how much healthcare insurance is costing our politicians in Washington and it seems that at least one of them is experiencing the same sticker shock that many other Americans are experiencing.

Brendan Buck is the spokesman for House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH).  According to Buck, Boehner was paying $433 a month with a $700 deductible for his family healthcare insurance through the Federal Employees Health Benefits program.  After some effort, Boehner discovered that under the District of Columbia’s exchange program, an identical policy would cost him $802 a month but the deductible would increase to $2,000.

Since Boehner’s wife Debbie turns 65 next month, qualifying her for coverage under Medicare, they chose for her to pursue healthcare coverage through them.  Her plan through Medicare will cost her between $350 to $400 a month.

Boehner opted for a similar plan like he had before and just for him, it will cost him $449 per month and their deductibles will range around $2,000.  From $433 a month to $783-$833 a month is almost double what they were paying, plus their deductible nearly tripled what it was.

It seems that a number of Democratic lawmakers living in DC are seeing their healthcare costs spike as well, especially the older ones.  I say it serves them right.

However, the report said nothing about the $10,048.76 federal subsidy they receive for their healthcare premiums.  Are the costs revealed by Boehner’s spokesman before or after the subsidy.  If the figures are before the subsidy, which breaks down to $837.40 a month, then the Speaker is basically paying nothing for his health coverage.  However, I suspect that considering his age of 64 and the quotes I’ve seen for the gold tier policies available for my wife and I, that his cost for coverage may actually be after the subsidy and I hope it is.  They need to pay more for their coverage like the rest of us.

What I really want to know is if Nancy Pelosi is applying for her healthcare through the DC exchange and if so, just how much it will cost her in comparison to what she was paying.  No other person in Washington keeps telling everyone that Obamacare is lower premiums nationwide as much as Pelosi.  At age 73, her gold tier premiums (which Congress members are required to purchase) should be even higher than Boehner’s.  However, I doubt if it will stop her from continuing to lie to the American people because it’s such a habit for her.