Boehner Welcomes Muslim Imam to Praise Allah on House Floor

I’ve often commented about House Speaker John Boehner being more of a liberal compromiser than a conservative Republican. Once the Republicans took control of the House in the 2010 midterm elections, many Republicans believed that they would stand up against Barak Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. However, Boehner repeatedly gave in and compromised with the Democrats rather than standing his ground as voters demanded.

In keeping with his liberal lack of leadership, Boehner recently welcomed and allowed a Muslim Imam to take the House floor and praise Allah as the god who reigns supreme. As Imam Hamad Chebli took to the podium to deliver his Islamic prayer, Boehner bowed his head in support of the anti-Christian prayer.

Chebli is the same Imam who desecrated the National Cathedral by delivering Islamic prayers in a church that once claimed to be a Christian house of God. The liberalism exhibited by the National Cathedral reflects America’s fall from being a Christian nation.

Boehner claims to be a Christian and any true Christian would not bow to the worship of a false god. In fact, no true Christian would have allowed for the leader of a religion that vows death to all Christians to offer a non-Christian prayer on the House floor. Boehner no more deserves to be Speaker of the House than does any other liberal who refuses to stand for his/her professed faith.

Our Founding Fathers established America as a Christian nation based upon biblical principles. Today we have become a nation that has embraced false gods, false teachings and the acceptance of sinful lifestyles. Is it any wonder that God had withdrawn His hand of blessing from our nation and that we are heading down the road to destruction?