Bobby Jindal: Obama is a “Science Denier”

It was in the context of the administration’s belief in man-caused global warmism that the Louisiana Governor made his comments. Even the EPA would agree with Jindal to an extent. It was revealed recently that the EPA is not concerned about pollution or global warming when they issue mandates for power plants and try to regulate everyone else’s carbon emissions. Even they admit it’s purely political. Michael Bastasch with the Daily Caller wrote:

Emails between top Environmental Protection Agency officials reveal they saw their fight against global warming as putting them at “forefront of progressive national policy.”

“You are at the forefront of progressive national policy on one of the critical issues of our time. Do you realize that?” former EPA chief Lisa Jackson asked former EPA policy office head Lisa Heinzerling in a Feb. 27, 2009 email.

“You’re a good boss. I do realize that. I pinch myself all the time,” Heinzerling replied that same day to Jackson, who was using an alias email account under the fake name “Richard Windsor.”

These emails, which were part of a batch obtained by the Competitive Enterprise Institute, show what top EPA officials were thinking as the agency prepared to release its greenhouse gas endangerment finding. which would give the agency the power to regulate carbon dioxide emissions from tailpipes and, eventually, from power plants.

“This is not about climate,” CEI senior fellow Chris Horner told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “This is the progressive agenda.”

I think global warmism is a religious cult for a lot of people. But not necessarily for the people at the top, like those in the Obama administration. They know what they’re doing. They’re not trying to “save the planet.” It’s all about power consolidation. But they’ll definitely use the “science” card to sell it to their base, in the same way that a brutal atheist dictator might use religion to enslave or massacre his own people.

Alex Pappas reported:

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal referred to President Obama and his administration as “science deniers” on Tuesday.

Over lunch with a handful of reporters, the possible Republican candidate for president said: “We now face an administration that is composed and comprised of science deniers, when you look at their approach to science and the environment.”

“You look at an administration that is holding our economy hostage to their radical views,” Jindal said. “It really is an article of religious faith amongst this administration. It’s tantamount to religious faith the way they approach these questions of policy.”

Asked to specifically detail what makes Obama a science denier, Jindal first listed the administration’s stance on approving the Keystone Pipeline.

“For five years, they’ve said they’re studying this,” Jindal said. “Their own state department says it’ll have no discernible environmental impact.”

The governor also took aim at the Obama’s administration’s attempts to regulate CO2 emissions.

“When you look at the EPA policies, again, even if you accept the premise behind their attempts to regulate CO2 emissions from power plants, not even the EPA’s regional office can explain how they came up with their numbers,” he said.