Bloomberg News Editor: GOP Wants to Ban Birth Control

The absolute worst thing liberals can think of is a world where it’s not allowed to murder an unborn child. I mean, what kind of barbaric culture would that be like?

Fortunately, we live in the land of the free where everyone, regardless of age, has the right to life and liberty. And fortunately, the courts have said that killing an unborn child isn’t murder, per se, so that means it’s not murder, because the court system defines our morals for us. Unless of course they decide something that liberals don’t agree with, in which case the courts are wrong. So, I guess it’s the liberals that define morality for us and simply use the Supreme Court in certain cases they happen to agree with.

The second worse thing liberals can imagine is a world without birth control pills. They’d rather have to deal with the Holocaust all over again than run out of chemicals that allow them to be as sexually promiscuous as they want with no consequences – except for maybe a dozen STDs. The thing is, nobody of influence is calling for a ban on birth control. Liberals actually believe that the GOP is working to get contraception banned. Listen to what the deputy managing editor of Bloomberg News said in an interview on MSNBC:

She said:

“[T]he [GOP] have a real problem. They know it, and it goes to, they are still being hurt by remarks made by some of their candidates in the last cycle regarding rape. It also has to do with policy. They have moved the abortion debate into birth control. This is a huge step where women, that’s a threshold issue for women. That’s about birth control, is controlling your life. This is being in control of your life, and they want to talk about taking that away? That’s a whole different conversation than abortion.”

I’ll echo the sentiments of gun-grabbing Dems who assure us with a smarmy grin that “no one’s coming for anyone’s guns.” In this case, it’s actually true. No one’s coming for anyone’s birth control. In fact, if you’re a liberal, I’d encourage birth control use.