Blaming Obama, “the Prince Of Fools”

Everything is not Barack Obama’s fault and I think our President knows that the days of blaming George Bush for our nation’s economic mess are over. In fact, the mess we are in belongs to the American people and while we are busy pointing fingers to make ourselves feel more self-righteous, the traditional American culture and its principles are becoming a thing of the past.

Freedom gives each and every American the right to vote for and pledge allegiance to any ideology they wish. At the moment the majority of the country prefers moral freedom to fiscal responsibility and in America we get the government we deserve. Americans are a mass of self- serving foolishness, stamping their feet and pounding their fists when the hard times come. Yet many of us have ignored the warning signs decades of frivolous leadership  that has lain at our doorsteps since I was a boy.

The moral fabric of our Republic is threadbare and we wonder why our country can’t make enough money to support itself? Why every law that has worked and worked well since the birth of our nation is under attack?

Barack Obama didn’t divide America he is just doing what he knows works when you are responsible for over 300 million fools. Yes, over 300 million fools who are afraid to take a stand on social issues for fear of losing friends in power, who have abdicated to the yellers and screamers taking over in our homes, schools, churches and our minds. You give them what they want and they will treat a Prince like a King.

Compromise is now becoming a character trait in America and tolerance is a now a virtue. Freedom no longer protects an individual’s right to determine what is morally acceptable in American society or in our families. Governments and propagandists interpret our rights for us while families are indoctrinated and marginalized to make exceptions for moral decay. This is the consequence of decades of believing that politicians and church hierarchy keep their word and fight for us.

Fifty years ago, race based inequalities were abolished. Today race based reparations have bankrupted our Treasury. In 2000, Bush vs. Gore proved to America that our elections were compromised and could be purchased. Today we have the constitutionally protected right to purchase those elections. In the 1970s divorce rates were alarming. Today over half of our nation supports same sex marriage. Two decades ago “illegal immigration” was a problem. Now “immigration reform” is a certainty. And we the people voted for all of it. We elected the people who have neglected our nation’s morality and it has resulted in the destruction of American pride and our moral obligations to protect that which is good and honorable.

Each and every day people who read my writing get angry with me for some perceived transgression. I have news for them. Very little of what government does works. You may benefit directly or indirectly from a government intervention (Social Security, Medicare, Tax deductions, SBA backed loans, whatever) in the short term, but in the long run you are just playing into their hands. You are becoming one of the many fools that votes for long term big government largess and you are no better than the fools that elected Barack Obama.

Look around you and take in all that we tolerate, and it’s corrosive influence on our founding principles and ideals. We are the fools that keep our mouths shut and allow our communities to accommodate the enemies of our laws and our morals. Take a stand on moral values or your political voice will be silenced one day. Does conservative America have the guts to stand up for itself anymore or are we backing down like fools to be ruled by a King?

If you don’t like something don’t wait until an election to make a statement. Do it now. Put a sign on the lawn. Make a tee shirt. Show your community where you stand and others will join you. It doesn’t take an election to change the direction America is going in. It takes individual effort and at little bit of guts.