Who Is To Blame For 5-Year-Olds Having Sex In Kindergarten?

What’s worse than a teacher who doesn’t monitor her kindergarten class? AIDS.

What’s worse than a teacher who doesn’t monitor her kindergarten class, aside from AIDS? People who defend that teacher.

A kindergarten teacher at a New Jersey government school has been suspended (with pay, of course) after reporting to the principal of the school that she found two of her students “having sex” in the bathroom.

The bathroom was in the classroom, as is typical for classrooms for younger students, fit for only one person. But somehow these two little 5-year-old kiddies, a boy and a girl, sneaked away and went into the bathroom together.

When the teacher, Kelly Mascio, found them in there, they were naked and informed her that they were “having sex.” What that means to two 5-year-olds isn’t clear from the article posted at TheSmokingGun, but more than likely they had no idea what they were doing.

The teacher has been suspended pending further investigation into how exactly this happened. Barring some conspiracy involving other students who created a diversion that allowed the other two to slip away, I don’t see why the teacher shouldn’t be let go.

Either she wasn’t paying attention to all her students, or she knew they were both going into the bathroom together. In either of those cases, how is that not worthy of termination?

Of course Ms. Mascio has defenders. “How is she supposed to keep track of 20 students?” read some of the comments under the article. I don’t know, but plenty of other teachers are able to do it just fine. If someone accepts the job of “teaching” a class of 20 kids, he or she also accepts monitoring each of them constantly. If that’s too tough a task, then she shouldn’t have applied for the job.

But what’s even worse than this teacher’s defenders are the parents of the two students themselves. What the heck is going on in their respective households that they know what sex is, albeit a rough approximation?

Are their parents doing stuff in front of them? Not locking their bedroom doors? Are they letting them watch BET, watch the Grammys, watch anything on cable TV without supervision? Are their older siblings too sexualized (also the parents’ fault) and their habits are rubbing off on the siblings?

And to think that liberals, including President Obama, believe sex-education should begin in kindergarten! Well, this is what would happen if they become aware of sexual concepts at such an unprepared, immature age. They will mimic what they see and hear in the classroom just as they mimic what they see and hear in their homes.

Parents, be more involved in your kids’ lives!