Are Blacks Demanding Total Immunity From Being Arrested?

In the wake of what has been taking place in Ferguson, I can only conclude that many blacks are choosing to ignore the facts of what really happened between Michael Brown and Officer Darren Wilson. It also seems from many of the statements I’ve heard that these same blacks are basically demanding that no white police office ever be allowed to arrest or detain a black nor are they ever to be allowed to defend themselves when attacked by a black person.

Brown’s parents are still claiming that their son was a peaceful kid who would never be physical with anyone. When asked about Brown’s police record of violence, they tried to justify it by saying that happened when he was younger and that he had changed.

Oh really? Michael Brown was only 18 years of age at the time he was shot. His arrest record is from his teen years which he is still in, so what in the world are his parents talking about?

What about the video tape of their peaceful son stealing cigarillos from a convenience store and then shoving the clerk out of the way? I’ve never yet heard Brown’s parents, Al Sharpton or any of the other black protesters address this FACT! What about the injuries to Officer Darren Wilson’s face? If peaceful Michael Brown didn’t attack Wilson, then how did Wilson get injured in the incident?

Newsmax posted a list of 13 facts about this case that the mainstream media seems to be ignoring. They include the video surveillance mentioned above along with the fact that the coroner found marijuana in Brown’s blood and that a black eyewitness told the grand jury that Brown attacked Wilson while he was still in his squad car. You can read the full list here.

Michael Brown was 6 foot 4 inches and weighed 292 pounds. He was high on marijuana and had just robbed a store and assaulted the clerk. When Wilson tried to question him, he became violent and physically attacked Wilson. Brown tried to grab Wilson’s gun from him which was when Brown was shot in the hand. The coroner and forensic pathologist working for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch agreed that the gunpowder residue found in the wound on Brown’s hand is consistent with him grabbing the gun. When Wilson fired the fatal shot, Brown had lowered his head and charged Wilson like he was going to tackle and fight him.

So let me ask you what you would have done if you were Officer Wilson? Would you have feared for your life? Would you have shot Michael Brown under those circumstances?

Blacks all over America are ignoring the facts. All they see is that a white cop shot an unarmed black kid. Now they are screaming for justice, but they saw justice and it isn’t what they wanted. The same things have happened in several other cases where a white cop shoots and kills a black person. But where are the same protests when a black cop shoots and kills a black person in the line of duty? Where is the same outrage when a black person kills another black person or when a black person kills a white person? Where is the outrage and protests when a black mob attacks a white person for no reason other than they just wanted to?

It seems that the only way to appease the black racists is to take Officer Darren Wilson out and hang him in the public square and then for Barack Obama to make an executive order forbidding any white cop from trying to arrest a black person or to defend themselves against a black person.

What I see happening in Ferguson, and now around the nation makes, me sick and tired of hearing the most racist people accusing others of being racist. They need to look in the mirror at themselves before looking out at others. They need to take the log out of their own eye before they can take the speck out of someone else’s eye.