Black Students Get Field Trip to College; No Whites Allowed

But the teachers insist they’re not being exclusionary or discriminatory. In fact, since they took the third-graders on a blacks-only field trip to college to benefit black kids, it can’t be exclusionary or discriminatory. Now, if it were a whites-only field trip, that would be exclusionary, discriminatory, bigoted and a racial hate crime.

They say it benefits the blacks, because such low numbers of black kids enter college. Plenty of whites already go to college, so they’re practically irrelevant. What’s important is exposing young black elementary school students to college life to show them that “there’s something else out here besides being out here in these streets,” as one supportive parent opined. The Daily Caller reported:

Public school officials in South Bend, Ind. are segregating elementary schools students by race and ferrying black students — and only black students — on visits to local colleges.

The students facing racial segregation in America in the year 2015 are third graders at seven elementary schools, reports local ABC affiliate WBND.

School district officials say they do not intend for the taxpayer-funded reenactment of Jim Crow-era race segregation to be discriminatory. Instead, they say, the intent is to inform black students about college because low numbers of black students attend college.

“I want these third graders to have the opportunity to think of themselves as college students,” G. David Moss, director of African-American student and parent services, told WBND.

“We take them to a college campus, have them meet African-American students, modeling the idea that as a black person, college is a great place,” Moss explained.

“It was not meant to be exclusionary,” Moss said. “It was only meant to support and give these kids what they need to think positively about themselves and about their future.”

Opinion among parents in South Bend is split about their children being treated differently because of skin color.

Some parents don’t want their children to suffer racial discrimination.

“I feel like all kids should be going,” parent Deirdra Mullings told the ABC affiliate.

Mullings has a son who will go on one of the field trips.

“It creates a double standard,” agreed parent Kelley Garing. “I just think it breeds intolerance and creates misunderstandings.”

Other parents are not bothered.

“I don’t think it’s a race issue, I think they’re giving black children a chance,” parent Erika Herron told WBND.

“It’s letting them know that there’s something else out here besides being out here in these streets,” she added.

“It was not meant to be exclusionary?” Okay, but it was, by definition. They quite literally excluded white kids from the college trip.

Honestly, I don’t understand the fascination with exposing such young kids to college. College is great and necessary for a lot of people, but not everyone needs to attend college, especially these days. Just look at the people that colleges are churning out.

When I was in third grade, I don’t think I even knew what college was. If I had been exposed to it then, I don’t think I would have wanted to go. What kid at that age wants to go to a bigger school where everything is harder, where they assign more essays and more tests, where there’s more textbooks, and you have to deal with more teachers than you already have? At that time in my life, I just wanted to get my stupid homework done so that I could go outside and play.

As a field trip, going to a college campus might be interesting to a little kid. But when it becomes sort of an investment in only black kids in hopes that they’d want to go to college when they grow up, that’s when it becomes silly