Black Pastor Seeking Million Signatures for Holder’s Impeachment

Rev. Bill Owens, President of the Coalition of African-American Pastors (CAAP) has launched an effort to gather 1 million signatures from Americans who want to see US Attorney General Eric Holder impeached for his many crimes against the American people and the US Constitution.

Their petition drive started on February 25.  As soon as they obtain their 1 million signatures, they plan on delivering them to the US Congress and asking them to take immediate action against Attorney General Eric Holder for his illegal actions to undermine state marriage laws.

Speaking to OneNewsNow, Owens stated:

“This is not where you have a king that dictates and gives orders from on high.  This is where the people are supposed to decide and he’s undermining the entire family.”

“We’re going for one million signatures and we’ll present it to him.  We want to impeach him or force him into resigning, one of the two. We want him out of office.”

Owens also said that they are more concerned about having an Attorney General who upholds the Constitution of the United States than the color of their skin.  He said that Holder’s actions go against the Civil Rights movement and that it’s wrong of him to stand on the backs of civil rights advocates to promote homosexuality.

I would add that Holder is guilty of numerous crimes against the American people and the Constitution of the United States.  He has been derelict in his sworn duty to uphold all the laws of the land.  The Constitution does not give him the authority or the power to determine which laws he wants to uphold and which ones he doesn’t.  He also does not have the legal authority to tell the Attorney Generals of the states that they are free to do the same.

Eric Himpton Holder is no different than the boss of an organized crime family.  He does what he wants to and to whom he wants to without any consideration of what is or is not legal.  He must be removed from office as soon as possible before he completely destroys the Constitution and Justice Department.

When I signed the petition online, I was number 20,079.  If you want to help remove Holder from office, I urge you to also sign the petition.  The goal is 1 million signatures.  Get your family and friends to sign and encourage them to get their family and friends to sign and so on.  It will be hard for Congress to ignore the signatures of 1 million Americans, all calling for Holder’s immediate impeachment.