Black Man Breaks “Cracker” Bus Passenger’s Face

It was just a few days ago that a black guy in Union Park in New York went berserk and started hitting white people out of the blue. Witnesses overheard him say that the next white person he saw, he was going to beat up (in so many words). He hit three people, causing one of them to hit his head on the ground so hard that it caused brain damage. He was taken to the hospital and remained in a coma until they removed him from life support, which killed him.

Now there’s another of these types of incidents, and it happened on a bus. The New York Post reported:

 “An attacker pummeled a bus passenger so hard he smashed the bones in his face after calling the victim a ‘cracker’ in Manhattan – marking the second time in two days that people appeared to be randomly targeted in racial tirades against white people, authorities said. In the latest incident, the suspect passed a 31-year-old rider on the M60 bus riding through Harlem, on West 127th Street, between Amsterdam Avenue and Morningside Drive, around 2:45 p.m., Friday, when he shouted the racial slur and punched the victim in the face, breaking his nose and eye socket, cops said. The victim was treated for facial fractures at New York Presbyterian Hospital and released, police said.”

You’re likely not going to see either of these incidents reported in the national media. If Al Sharpton were to weigh in, he’d likely say that there was nothing to protest. The system worked. The assaulters were caught, charged and given a trial and a proper punishment. Justice was done. So, nothing to protest.

But Sharpton and Jackson and all the others were protesting the Hispanic-on-Black shooting in Sanford, Florida long before any verdict was reached. Justice was done in that case as well. It’s just that they didn’t like the verdict.

Or, maybe they didn’t actually care about the verdict. They saw that they could capitalize off the case to increase their own popularity and show ratings. That’s what every other network was doing. Which is why they don’t care about aggravated assaults and murders perpetrated by members of their own community on those who have white skin. They can’t capitalize off those cases.