Black Lives Matter isn’t Seeking Justice, it’s Seeking Targets

Things come apart so easily when they have been held together with lies.” – Dorothy Allison

Why do people believe they can escape without a scratch the repeated telling of outright lies? It’s as if they believe that once they tell their perfectly calculated untruth, everyone who heard them will forget they ever told a lie, and it will dissipate like smoke into the air. But there’s a thing called recording.

In a battle between Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke and Marc Lamont Hill on CNN, the following exchange occurred:

Clarke: “This is part of a pattern. You would have to stick your head in the sand to think this wasn’t fueled by this vile, vulgar, slimy movement [Black Lives Matter]…”

Hill: “…your characterization of Black Lives Matter is incorrect. The argument of black lives matter is not to say that police officers should be killed, that police officers should be demonized, that police officers should be marginalized. The argument of Black Lives Matter is that police officers should be held to standards of accountability like everybody else.”

Marc Lamont Hill hasn’t read the official Black Lives Matter (BLM) website, I suppose. If he had, he would know that being held to the same “standards of accountability” is not what the movement wants for cops. BLM has within the last week changed their website, and will launch a new one in mid-September. Luckily, prior to their alterations, I screen-grabbed some interesting stuff.

In their “Demands” section, aside from pushing the “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative lie, it states:

“We will call on the office of US attorney general Eric Holder to release the names of all officers involved in killing black people within the last five years, both while on patrol and in custody, so they can be brought to justice—if they haven’t already.”

black lives matter pic

This demand is implying (and I hesitate to even use the word “imply” when something is so blatant) that in every single instance in which a police officer took the life of a black person, the officer was guilty, or in the wrong.

A generalization like the one made above leaves a deep footprint. It’s telling people that all cops are tainted, that all cops who have had deadly interactions with black people behaved criminally. The incident that sparked the Black Lives Matter slogan “hands up, don’t shoot” was revealed to be a farce, yet the movement continues to push that narrative, so it’s not a stretch that they would promote the idea that all cops are out to get black people.

To say what the BLM website says, it’s not a surprise to hear some of the chants coming out of the BLM protests. “Pigs in a blanket. Fry ’em like bacon!” is my personal favorite. BLM has inspired a number of people, and for those people, the idea that cops at large are the enemy has become their warped reality. It is not a stretch to think this anti-cop sentiment would nudge unhinged or simply racist people over the edge.

So no, Marc Lamont Hill, the argument of BLM is not one that asks for police officers to be “held accountable” like everybody else, it’s one that promotes a general antipathy toward police officers of all stripes, regardless of their personal behavior. It takes the nation’s hundreds of thousands of officers, and marks them all for death. BLM has purposefully cultivated a bubbling anger, and because of that, police officers have been murdered in cold blood.

Black Lives Matter is indeed vile and hateful.