Black Guys Beat Up White Guy Over Mike Brown Question

Why do black guys beat up white guy? Because he wouldn’t “lend” them his phone and he gave the wrong answer about Michael Brown.

Whatever your opinion is of the Mike Brown case, I think we can all agree that physically fighting over the verdict or over systemic excessive force in law enforcement is not the solution. Even if you think that all cops are racist, and they all hate black people, it only makes the situation worse to resort to physical violence to make your point.

A video was making the rounds on social media of a small group of young black guys arguing with a seated white guy on a St. Louis, Missouri bus. Apparently, one of the black guys wanted to know if he could borrow the white guy’s cell phone, and he also asked the white guy what he thought of the Mike Brown case. The white guy told him he hadn’t thought a whole lot about it. Then, as the black guys are leaving, they throw repeated punches at the seated white guy while he holds up his arms to block the blows.

Bus rider Twan Davis was the one who recorded the incident and uploaded it to Facebook. The Daily Caller reported:

Davis was asked on Facebook what provoked the attack.

“They was talkin bout some Mike Brown sh*t,” Davis wrote, adding, “He was tryna use dude phone too or some sh*t and he said ‘No.’”

According to KTVI, the victim told police that his attackers did ask to borrow his cell phone as well as what he thought of the Brown shooting. The man told police he said that he hadn’t given much thought to the case.

I guess that was the wrong answer. And the fact that he didn’t want them borrowing his phone probably meant that he was racist for assuming that they were only trying to steal it.

To the mainstream press, this kind of incident isn’t news. Now, if it had been a couple of white guys beating on a seated black guy, totally unprovoked, the national media would go crazy with that for the next year and a half.