Black Democrat Pastor Says Cochran Campaign Paid Him to Get Blacks to Vote Against McDaniel

Reverend Stevie Fielder of First Union Missionary Baptist Church in Meridian, Mississippi is claiming that the Thad Cochran campaign had him distribute $15 to each black voter to vote for Thad. Fielder himself was promised $16,000, which he hasn’t yet received.

I’m sure the money was the biggest motivator for Fielder to help Cochran out, but he was also convinced by the Cochran campaign that McDaniel was a racist. He now knows that he was hoodwinked, but of course it’s too late. If, however, a judge orders a new runoff election amid Cochran’s election fraud, he said he’d support McDaniel.

Breitbart reported:

Rev. Stevie Fielder, an associate pastor at First Union Missionary Baptist Church in Meridian, Mississippi, says Cochran’s campaign “told me to offer blacks $15 each and to vote for Thad.”

Fielder, who was paid by freelance journalist Charles C. Johnson for the story, provided a new outlet launched by Johnson——with four text messages from a person purporting to be Cochran campaign staffer Saleem Baird.

The messages cite an official Cochran campaign email address—[email protected]—and include detailed discussions of the campaign providing envelopes of money to distribute to people who vote.

“Send me individual names and amounts along with home address to [email protected] and I’ll have money separated in envelopes at the office waiting for you,” one message, sent three days before the runoff, says.

Fielder said he helped distribute the Cochran cash for votes on a promise of eventually getting paid $16,000—and because a key Cochran campaign staffer convinced him that Cochran’s conservative challenger state Sen. Chris McDaniel was racist.

“They sold me on the fact that he was a racist and that the right thing to do was to keep him out of office,” Fielder said.

But Cochran’s campaign never paid, Fielder said.

Fielder also now says he was wrong about McDaniel’s character. He said he “took a good look at the campaign ads” and came to understand that “McDaniel was not a racist.”

“Me and other people were misguided and misled,” Fielder said.

It’s of course illegal to buy votes like this. But really, this is no different from what political celebrities in both major parties do anyway. They may not be so blatant as Cochran and offer cash for votes (well, actually that probably happens all the time), but they make promises of security and protection for those people who vote for them. Democrats are particularly good at buying the votes of women by promising them consequence-free sex; illegal aliens by promising them the “American dream” of materialism; blacks by promising them a slew of “free” welfare programs. These large voting blocs are not interested in freedom. They just want free stuff at the expense of everyone else. And political celebrities in both major parties are more than happy to oblige.