Black College Students Become Obese Because of White Racists

For whatever reason, this “study” done by a psychology professor didn’t cover any reasons that white students might put on weight during their college years. But according to this professor, black kids who put on weight during their time in college do so because of racism. Overeating fatty snacks is a way that blacks cope with racial attacks from others, which contributes to their gaining weight. This of course also leads to other health problems. The Daily Caller reported:

The professor, Enrique W. Neblett, Jr., made the claim during a guest lecture at the University of Georgia, reports The Red & Black (the student newspaper at UGA).

Neblett’s Monday lecture was entitled “Racism-Related Stress and Mental Health: A Study of African American College Students During the Transition to Young Adulthood.”

According to his findings and the findings of others, Neblett said, racism plays a role in causing high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, depression, anxiety — and many other diseases.

College students are especially at risk.

“When African American youth are going to college and leaving home, their parents are no longer right there,” Neblett observed, according to The Red & Black.

“Youth are thinking about their identity and may experience race discrimination for the first time. Experiencing racism might lead to compromised health. For example, some students will cope by eating fatty snacks.”

The professor explained that he conducted a study relating to this special phenomenon of black people gaining weight when they go off to college with a cohort of generally healthy black students around 21 years of age. More than half of them were female.

I don’t think that anyone forced these kids to overeat “fatty snacks.”

I knew a number of kids in college who probably had normal, at least somewhat healthful diets before college, and then once they got out on their own for the first time, they adopted a junk food diet that caused them to put on weight. You can say that stress and other factors contributed to their decision to eat junk food, but you can’t blame their weight gain on other people. They just needed to learn self-control. Some of them did and kept the weight off. Others didn’t and kept the weight on.

It’s silly on so many levels to blame “black weight gain” on racism. Racism or not, people put on weight, and others develop diseases. It’s sort of a fact of life. Sometimes it’s genetics, and other times it’s personal habits, but one thing’s for sure. It has nothing to do with white privilege or racism.