Bill Nye: When it’s Cold, Call it “Climate Change,” not Global Warming

Last night, it was pretty cold outside here in Georgia. I’m up north of Atlanta in the sticks. The temperatures were below freezing last night, and it rained. While the icy trees were pretty to look at, they made for really dangerous conditions.

We have tall pines around our house. There was a thick layer of ice on all the trees and power lines in our area. So, many frozen trees fell. Several destroyed the fence around our house, and many fallen trees blocked roads. Thankfully, our house was spared major damage, but of course, the power went out, and we’re still waiting for it to come back on. (At them moment, I’m somewhere else where there’s an internet connection and access to electricity.)

According to Bill Nye, this is all indicative of “climate change,” not global warming. In the past several weeks here, we’ve experienced some unseasonably warm temperatures. That would be indicative of global warming. But more recently, it’s been getting colder, and temperatures are predicted to drop to around 10 degrees in the coming days, and that means climate change. The Daily Caller reported:

TV personality Bill Nye the “Science Guy” told MSNBC’s Joy Reid to use the phrase climate change, not global warming, when it’s so cold out.

“Let’s not confuse or interchange climate change with global warming,” Nye told Reid on Monday. “Global warming – The world is getting warmer. There is more carbon [dioxide] holding in more heat.”

“So when the climate changes, some places get colder,” Nye added. “And the thing that’s really consistent with climate change models is this variance where it’s cold, it’s warm, it’s cold, it’s warm… So what I would hope for, my dream, Joy, is that you all, you and the news business would just say the word climate change.”

Nye’s remarks come as the U.S. is hit by another “arctic blast” that is sweeping through the Midwest and East Coast this week with temperatures plunging across the country. Tuesday’s highs are supposed to hit 10 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit across the eastern half of the country.

But Nye says such extreme snow storms are totally because of climate change, not global warming — despite real scientists arguing that warmer temperatures are driving more intense winter storms.

These people need to make up their mind. First it was global cooling. Another “ice age” was coming. Then, it was global warming. A supposedly overpopulated planet and an overindulgence in fossil fuels were causing global temperatures to rise. So much so that kids growing up today wouldn’t even know what snow was.

Then, they decided that maybe this global warming was actually causing an increase in snowfall. So, they call this unpredictableness about the weather “climate change.” That seems to cover all the bases, just in case things happen that they weren’t able to accurately predict. Which includes just about everything that’s happened.

So, now apparently if it’s cold outside, that’s climate change at work. If it’s hot outside, that’s global warming.