Bill Nye Blames Texas Floods on Global Warming

What do Bruce Jenner, Rachel Dolezal and Bill Nye all have in common? They all pretend to be something they’re not and expect everyone to cater to their delusions.

Bill Nye fancies himself to be a climate scientist. I’m sure he’s a smart guy and all, but science isn’t what he’s all about these days. He’s riding the wave of political celebrity.

Many meteorologists take issue with Bill Nye’s dark climate prophecies and arbitrary connections of weather patterns to manmade global warming. I know the first thing our liberal readers will note is that a meteorologist isn’t a climate scientist and therefore, their opinions are worthless. So, why is it that it’s okay that Nye isn’t a climate scientist? Why is he allowed to have no credentials? Even the most advanced climate scientist who questions or rejects the theory of manmade global warming would be mocked and ridiculed by liberals. They’d claim that that particular scientist was obviously a fraud and paid off secretly by the fossil fuel industry cabal.

From the Daily Caller:

Bill Nye the “Science Guy” is once again trying to blame global warming for a series of weather events happening around the U.S., but this time meteorologists aren’t having it.

Meteorologists criticized Nye’s claim that warm temperatures in Alaska and flooding in Texas are a product of man-made global warming.

As Tropical Storm Bill (no relation to Nye) was projected to make landfall in Texas, Nye tweeted:

Here are some responses from meteorologists:

This isn’t the first flood that Texas has ever experienced. The Houston Chronicle shed some light on Texas’ history of floods:

  • During a classic El Nino year in 1913, heavy rains drenched Texas. … The last tens days in November 1913 saw heavy rains that laid the foundation for flooding during the first five days of December. Rainfall totals measured 20 to 25 inches, causing 180 drownings.
  • The Thrall Flood in 1921 drenched San Antonio due to a tropical storm that formed in the Bay of Campeche. … During 36 hours, the amount of rainfall stood at 39.7 inches, which drowned 51 people.
  • A flood in May 1949 marked the worst flood in Fort Worth’s history, due to the Clear Fork of the Trinity River breaking its levees and spilling into the city.

You can read about more Texas floods here at the Houston Chronicle. They’ve also got accompanying pictures. I wonder if Bill Nye would also blame those past floods on manmade global warming as well.