Bill Maher Calls Out Fellow Liberal Regarding Peace of Islam—There May Be Hope Yet

Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “Society is always taken by surprise at any new example of common sense.” Common sense is just the opposite of what its name implies: common, typical, average, or plentiful. Common sense is an increasingly rare commodity in a world where Barack Obama can be elected twice. Lack of common sense often comes from the minds, and out of the mouths of Liberals. Liberals–whether by defect, or something else entirely–seem to hold the market share of foolishness. So when a Leftist comes out and makes a statement that not only holds water, but stands in direct contradiction to the Liberal cannon, I am always taken by surprise.

A few weeks ago, Bill Maher said something on his talk show that took me by surprise; it was simple, common sense. Now, he’s at it again. On a recent episode of Real Time, Maher and guest Brian Levin (director of the Center for the Study of Hate & Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino) were discussing the Boston bombing and religion. Here is the transcript:

Maher: “So you’re obviously the perfect person to have here today. You study this all the time, the mind of crazy people who do horrible things. I’m always interested to know how people like the people we caught today up in Boston can have two minds going at the same time. I mean, if you read what the older brother wrote on his, on the internet, he said his world view: Islam. Personal priorities: career and money. And we see this a lot. I mean, the 9/11 hijackers went to strip clubs the night before they got on the plane.”

Levin: “Could I just interject? Look, it’s not like people who are Muslim who do wacky things have a monopoly on it. We have hypocrites across faiths, Jewish, Christian who say they’re out for God and end up doing not so nice things.”

Maher: “You know what? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. You know what? That’s, that’s liberal bullshit right there. I mean, yes, all faiths…They just, they’re not as dangerous. I mean, there’s only one faith, for example, that kills you or wants to kill you if you draw a bad cartoon of the prophet. There’s only one faith that kills you or wants to kill you if you renounce the faith. An ex-Muslim is a very dangerous thing. Talk to Salman Rushdie after the show about Christian versus Islam. So, you know, I’m just saying, let’s keep it real.”

Wow. That is shocking. Common sense coming from the mouth of Bill “Bastion of the Left” Maher? Miracles do exist. He goes on to ask if the “Book of Islam” could be done on Broadway; referencing the Broadway smash The Book of Mormon. Levin replies affirmatively. Maher then asks him what color the sky is in his world.

It is absolutely fascinating to me that someone so entrenched in the Liberal mindset can throw out these gems every so often. It never fails to send a shock through my system. We all know what Maher said to be true. While there has been violence perpetrated by people on every side at some point, the radical Islamists take the cake. This is because their religion is based in violence, and rage. Those who do not agree with Islam are called “infidels,” and are sentenced to a horrible death. We have all heard of “honor killings;” where a Muslim man, or men, execute a woman for doing something outside the bounds of this misogynistic faith. It even happens in the United States.

Radical Islam–to beat a dead horse–is a backwards, hateful, misogynistic, angry, vile faith. Therefor, it comes as no surprise that the extreme majority–if not the entirety–of terror based violence comes from those practicing radical Islam. We all know this. It’s just bizarre when a Liberal does.

This breach of character shows that common sense–while still not so common–is a trait possessed by all of us. It also shows that Liberals have been brainwashed to shut off that trait. It lies dormant in the recesses of their minds, and sometimes that switch gets flicked on for a moment.

This gives me hope. Liberals can’t be viewed as a lost cause. We cannot simply argue with them for the sake of our own gratification. They are people, who have gone down the wrong fork in the road; and we can help them gain back what common sense they had or can have. Conservatives can win the battle if we behave as happy warriors. We have the facts, they have the propaganda; but light always breaches darkness in the end. We can win the hearts and minds if we are willing to practice patience and kindness.

Thanks, Maher. You just gave me some hope for your people.