Does Bill Clinton Deserve More Credit for Winning the Korean War? Obama Supporter Thinks So

“News” media talking heads on the television screen read teleprompters, frame a false debate for their naïve viewers and give them false choices. This is really the heart of opinion manipulation. Because people are stupid, they think that the “correct” answer must be one of the two options given, and it’s up to them to make a choice. You know, like “We report, you decide.” More like, “We’ll give you a couple approved opinions to have, and we’ll disregard, ignore or slander all other valid opinions, and you take your pick as to which of our approved opinions you despise the least, and that is you, ‘making a choice.’” Yes, the “We report, you decide” is Fox News’s marketing slogan, but all major media networks operate the same way, whether they lean left or right. They’re all businesses, and they’re much more concerned with making a profit than they are providing accurate information. These days, truth isn’t all that profitable.

The media’s penchant for offering their viewers false bifurcations, asking loaded questions and framing false debates is more effective than you might think. Give average people two absurd options to choose from or ask them preposterous loaded questions, and many of them fall for it. Jimmy Kimmel demonstrated it recently with an edition of “Lie Witness News”:

It kind of reminds me of what Howard Stern did during the ’08 presidential election. The interviewer had cleverly interchanged the political positions of Obama and McCain and attributed McCain’s positions to Obama. So, he would ask Obama supporters what they liked more about Obama, the fact that he was “pro-life” or the fact that he wants to keep fighting the war in Iraq. These poor souls didn’t get it. They said they liked that he wanted to keep fighting the Iraq war (even though he campaigned on ending the war), and others said that they liked that he was “pro-life” (even though everyone else knew that he was pro-abortion). The interviewer went so far as to ask whether they liked it that Obama chose Sarah Palin as his VP. They still didn’t get it. They said it was a good choice.

Remember, these people vote. Sometimes more than once.