Bieber Confession: Used “the N-Word” Years Ago; Black Celebrity Makes Him Pay Penance

Justin Bieber has a song called “One Less Lonely Girl,” but in a home video from five years ago, he sang the song with the lyrics changed from “girl” to “n*gger.”

What follows are excerpts from Rolling Stone‘s article on what professional homosexual and blogger-on-the-side Perez Hilton calls a “horror.”

Bieber’s team reportedly told the gossip site that they want the video online so he can own up to it.

Religious confession.

TMZ reports that Bieber had seen video of a comedian parodying the song in the same way the pop star sings it in the video and liked it so much he wanted to film it.

So he didn’t come up with the creative changes, but saw a comedian who altered his song in that way and then just mimicked the comedian.

But I don’t care even if saying “n*gger” was Bieber’s idea. Why does it matter? It’s a word. It’s…a…word.

He allegedly told his friends Usher and Will Smith about the video years ago, saying he knew immediately that it was a stupid move on his part.

More religious confession, but with black people, one a hedonist and the other a Hollywood make-believer, taking the role of priests.

Usher supposedly showed the teenager “historically racist videos” at the time, according to TMZ, to demonstrate just how wrong Bieber was to make the video.

It’s like that scene in A Clockwork Orange.

Bieber has reportedly been the target of extortion attempts recently with the threat of revealing both this video and one of him at age 15, which recently went online, in which he also used the N-word.

Only in our screwed-up society would this be seen as extortion. In a right society, this wouldn’t scare anyone. The blackmailed person would laugh in the blackmailer’s face. Again, it’s…a…word.

Bieber hears the word all the time. He hangs out with blacks constantly. Where do you think he learned his behavior?

And of course he issued an apology:

“As a kid, I didn’t understand the power of certain words and how they can hurt….”

Words only have whatever power we give them, f*ggot.

“I thought it was okay to repeat hurtful words and jokes,

It is.

“but didn’t realize at the time that it wasn’t funny and that in fact my actions were continuing the ignorance.”

Bieber’s apology continues the ignorance–the ignorance that a word–a worrrrrd!–is inherently evil and that it, like sin, must be expunged from society. It isn’t, and it mustn’t.

What must be expunged are people who accept the notion that a word, a vibration of vocal cords expelled through the mouth to form a sound that is recognized in whatever given language to have a specific meaning, can be either evil or benevolent.

It’s a word. But it’s not just liberals who insist on being politically correct. Even I have to censor The Word Which Must Not Be Spoken, and the word I called Justin above, for this website.

The line between conservative and liberal continues to blur.