Biden to Law Enforcement: You’ve Had No Better Friend Than Me

That ol’ coot, Joe Biden. “Bless his little heart.” If you’ve ever attended church in the Bible belt, you know exactly the tone of voice to say that in, and exactly what it really means.

Even he would admit he’s let loose with some whoppers from time to time. He’s good for comic relief if nothing else. So, when he takes the time to warn you before he lets one go that this one’s really gonna smell a little “off,” well, best hold on to your hats.

Speaking at a gun control rally in Connecticut, the patron saint of foot-in-mouth disease gave the audience time to grab onto something.

” I am going to say something outrageous.”

Katie, bar the door!

Directing his next words at law enforcement agencies, he then said, “You’ve had no better friend over the last 35 years than me.”

I’ll give credit where it’s due. A rare moment of clear-thinking lucidity to recognize before he said it that sane people would greet such a statement with donkey-laughs. Here’s a far left lib now claiming that he’s spent three and half decades on the side of law and order.  It’s as outrageous as Barack Obama claiming that he can’t say one way or another about whether abortion kills a living human, as that’s above his pay grade. As outrageous as Hillary Clinton claiming it doesn’t really matter why the Americans in Benghazi died.

Joe Biden became a big law and order guy precisely when he became the second-in-command of all federal law enforcement.

He went on to speak of those killed in the Newtown shooting.

“We have to speak for all those voices, speak for those 20 beautiful children, who died 69 days ago, 12 miles from here.”

Indeed. Assuming that incident went down according to the official story, which is still dubious at best, I  have to wonder if not a single one of those slain might say, if given a voice,

“Why didn’t anyone shoot back to protect me? Why were none of those who were watching over me able to defend me? Is there a difference between the phrase, ‘Gun Free Zone’ and the phrase ‘Target Rich Environment?’ How can you claim to speak for me when none of your ideas, if they had been fully enacted on that day, would’ve saved my life?”

How is it that only liberals know what any of the victims would say if they could speak from the grave?

Here is the truth: A gun free zone is nothing other than a No Self Defense Zone. It’s a Do Whatever You Like To Us Zone.

It’s more important than ever that Christian patriots understand the Scriptural explanation for the right we have from our Creator, which has been set forth clearly in the Second Amendment. This weekend, 2/23-2/24, Kindle readers can get the 10 page, information-jammed article The Biblical Case for Private Gun Ownership, for FREE. The Government does not give anyone any rights at all. Every right we have, if it is truly a right in the first place, comes from our Creator, as the Declaration of Independence declares.