Biden Says He’s Never Been Proud to Be Vice President

If I had to select the most arrogant and prideful politician of today, it would be a difficult choice indeed.  At first my thoughts go to Barack Obama as he always struts around with his nose up and looking down on the peasants like a medieval king.  He resides in his palace at the expense of his subjects.  When he does venture out, he keeps his distance and looks only in the direction of those that bow before him.

But then I think of Rep. Nancy Pelosi who parades around like a Hollywood glamour queen that has been lost in her many roles of fictitious characters and no longer has any grasp on reality.   She takes the podium and thanks all of her loyal fans and blows them kisses without having any clue who they really are or what they really want.

Eric Holder also came to mind, but then I realized that he is only a puppet that is being controlled by King Obama the Terrible.  If you watch Holder, he looks down on everyone when Obama isn’t around, but when he is in the presence of his handler, his head and eyes are not held as high and he tends to look down and away more frequently.

The pool of most arrogant takes on a fourth member in the form of Vice President Joe Biden.  But his arrogance is nothing like that of the other three.  His arrogance comes from sheer stupidity and a sense of self-superiority that was exhibited during his debate with Paul Ryan.

This type of arrogance is best described as a rooster in a chicken coup.  He struts around and crows whenever and at whatever he wants, and usually, very few listen to him.  Most of his crowing and clucking is meaningless and has nothing to do with the world outside his little realm.  He prances around clucking completely unaware that his world could come to an abrupt end by having his head chopped off, but like many roosters, would probably still run around for a little while longer without his head.

One thing going in Biden’s favor as the most arrogant is his plethora of dumb vocalizations.  He is so arrogant that he literally doesn’t realize what he said or the consequences of it.  Biden is a professional at inserting his foot in his mouth, but perhaps this time, he managed to insert both feet all the way to the knees when he said:

“There’s never been a day in the last four years I’ve been proud to be his vice president.”

So in my final analysis, Obama is the smartest of the arrogant, Holder the most controlled of the arrogant, Pelosi the most lost of the arrogant and Biden, well, he has to be the dumbest of the most arrogant politicians we have today.  And if today goes well, we just may see the end of the four come January.