Biden Opens Mouth and Inserts Foot

As many times as Vice President Joe Biden puts his foot in his mouth, I’m not sure if he needs a dentist or a podiatrist to take care of his teeth.  If there is a poster person for the greatest number of dumb political statements, Biden has to be it.

Black Americans have been fighting a civil rights war for over a century on the issue of race.  There are still a significant number of white Americans that look down on anyone with a different skin color than their own.  In fact, a number of them look down on anyone from any ethnic background but their own.

Barack Obama has only added fuel to the racial civil rights issues by intentionally widening the racial division that still exists in our country.  Even though Obama is half white, he has clearly demonstrated his racial prejudice against whites.  In the minds of many, the main or perhaps only civil rights issue is race.

Then you have millions of legal and illegal Hispanics in America who believe the current civil rights issue revolves around them and their plight.  Even though 11-15 million of them are here illegally, they are demanding to be made U.S. citizens and granted all of the rights that go with citizenship.  Yet, EVERY legal immigrant I know is against granting them citizenship.  They believe that the Hispanics should go through the same legal processes they went through.

Feminists believe the number one civil rights issue is women’s rights and health.  They want their right to savagely murder their unborn children because they cannot control their own sexual pleasures.  They want special health privileges because they are women.

But if you ask Vice President Joe Biden what THE civil rights issue is today, he’ll have to say it’s the right of transgenders not to be discriminated against.  On Tuesday, Biden campaigned in Florida where he met Linda Carragher Bourne who was the mother of a former Miss Transgender New England.  While talking to her, reporters overheard Biden tell the woman that transgender discrimination was the “civil rights issue of our time.”

Not sure if they heard him right, some of the reporters followed up with the woman and asked her if that is what Biden told her and she confirmed the statement.  She then told reporters:

“[I told him that] a lot of my friends are being killed, and they don’t have the civil rights yet. These guys [the President and Vice President] are going to make it happen.”

So according to Joe Biden, if you’re black, Hispanic or female, you better move to the back of the civil rights line and let all of the people that have no clue what sex they are move to the front.  Theirs is now the battle that the Obama administration will champion, at least according to good ole reliable Joe.

As much as his feet have been in his mouth, it’s no wonder that he doesn’t have some kind of foot-in-mouth disease.  And the scary part is that if anything happened to Obama while he’s still president, Biden would take over the White House.  That would be like placing a mentally challenged person over MIT.  And I can see the sign on his door:

Open mouth – Insert foot.