Biden Goes After Violent Media With Taxation

Taxation is an interesting concept. While most Americans scoff at the tax system–and rightfully so–it is a necessary part of life in the United States. In order that the government remains able to operate, it needs a supply of money from those living within the confines of our democracy. That is fact. What boils the blood, however, is over-taxation. As the government grows unnecessarily, so do our taxes. That is fact. Even worse than over-taxation is targeted taxation; targeting specific items or groups that stand in opposition to an administration’s agenda. Taxation can be easily used as a weapon.

The debate over gun control has brought this age-old issue out of the back corner, and into the light. There has been talk amongst Democrats, and even some Republicans, about taxing guns at a higher rate than they are taxed currently. There has also been talk of taxing ammunition, so that it is nearly impossible to purchase.

What is happening here is a targeted taxation, designed to smother our Second Amendment right to bear arms. The Democrats can’t directly attack the Second Amendment, so instead, they starve it by taxation. When Democrats don’t get what they want, they always find means to achieve their goals, regardless of the opinion of the American people.

Now, because they are failing in regard to gun control, Democrats are setting their sights on video game control. According to Politico, in a meeting with over 20 faith-based organizations, Veep Biden

“…told Graham that there was ‘no restriction on the ability to do that, there’s no legal reason why they couldn’t’ tax violent images…’He floated the idea that media and entertainment that portray violence should be subject to a special tax, with the proceeds going to help victims and their families,’ said Rabbi Julie Schonfeld, the executive vice president of the Rabbinical Assembly.”

Several important points are brought up here. First, Biden says that there is no legal reason violent images couldn’t be taxed. That is not true. According to Forbes:

“The Supreme Court has been clear that video games, from Tetris on up to Grand Theft Auto 5, get the same protections under freedom of speech as other media. The idea of specifically taxing violent video games based on the notion that they are corrupting America’s youth runs directly counter to that idea.”

Second, who would determine what constitutes violence; and to what degree would violence be taxed? Finally, if violence in media could be taxed, what else could be taxed? Here’s the answer: anything that runs contrary to the Democrat agenda could be taxed.

This is targeted taxation. The Democrats know that banning free speech—even violent speech—cannot be accomplished directly, because it violates the First Amendment. So, rather than remain defeated, they must come up with a new solution. Well, it’s actually an old solution. The Democrats want to target violent media so that the industry will starve.

This is a case of a petulant teenager going to their mother, asking for money. When the mother says no, they go straight to their father. It’s a trick; a gimmick, masked under a seemingly “responsible” and “benevolent” solution.

Don’t let the gimmicks fool you. Targeted taxation doesn’t work; and it is irresponsible. Democrats love free speech, as long as you fall in line with their ideology. The moment you step out, you become a target.