Beware of West Wing’s Dangerous War on Truth

The significance of the 1911 adage coined by Arthur Brisbane “one picture is worth a thousand words” couldn’t be any clearer today than the day it became part of the American lexicon. For almost 5 years the left wings irresponsible adoration for Barack Obama has allowed the truth to slip through the cracks of an important national debate. Is our President an honest man with America’s best interest at Heart or is he a radical anti-white subversive financed by enemies of our Nation?

The 2012 Obama election theme has been re-invented by liberals as a contest between the caring disadvantaged black candidate and the cold hearted rich white industrialist. Oh, please! Ruling out the dog he ate in Kenya, Barack Obama’s only disadvantages in life have been his a lack of provable credentials, an unshakeable ego and his habitual tendency to talk out of his backside. Just as it was in the last election the liberal “war on truth” is counting on left wing media propaganda to provide Obama his another bite at the apple.

Contrary to ongoing media reports, Obama’s associations weren’t excusable coincidence. Nor is the reality that a Presidential candidate was allowed to skip the requirement to prove his/her citizenship credentials before running for the Office of President. What does this say about the future of our nation and the integrity of our elections when our greatest governing power is treated with an utter disregard for its own protections against corruption and enemy infiltration? Perhaps the answer was offered in one of Reverend Write’s sermons “America’s chickens have come home to roost”; “GOD DAMN AMERICA!”

Now American’s attention is once again being diverted from the hard truth that our elections have been and continue to be influenced by voting rights abuses. Contrary to left wing media opinion, white Americans should not have to prove the existence of voter fraud to justify voter I.D. laws any more than a black woman should have to be raped to justify its criminalization. I have some news for the left. Americans were defrauded in the 2008 and the Obama DOJ under Eric Holder has been waging a de facto war on equal voting rights with their selective prosecutions and betrayal of common sense voter fraud protections. What hope will America have for equal justice under another four years of an Obama DOJ and a protected left wing “get out the vote” machine formerly known as ACORN? The bloodied blade of election fraud is being buried into the heart of our democracy and four more years of an Obama Attorney General will seal our collective fates.

MSNBC and the West Wing’s “War on Truth” doesn’t want you to know what will influence an Obama second term. Everyday left wing controlled polls are being manipulated and massaged in an attempt to damage the campaign of the Republican candidate Mitt Romney and draw attention from Barack Obama. Left wing pundits spew critical lie upon lie about Romney, attempting to paint him as candidate financed by the 1%, but what of Obama’s supporters? Where is his money coming from? As it was in 2008, Obama’s anti-American supporters are conveniently omitted from the headlines and for good reason. Even Rachael Maddow and Keynesian Paul Krugman can’t defend or spin George Soros’s historical investment in America’s destruction; much less explain Obama’s acceptance of Soros support. After all the Obama campaign unlike the Romney/Ryan ticket isn’t responsible for democrat loyal Super Pac advertisements.

The pervasive goal in the left wing war on truth is to mask and distort every learned assumption and obvious conclusion about our so called American President. Lying is the only available option for a morally bankrupt political ideology. For those who continue to fool themselves about Barack Obama’s loyalties and allegiances and buy into the West Wing’s propaganda beware! Our President doesn’t have a moderate mainstream Judeo/Christian bone in his body and his true loyalties will become painfully obvious in his second term.