Bernie Sanders on Global Warming: “That Debate is Over”

Global warmists such as Bernie Sanders like to say that global warming is like gravity. If you deny it, you’re only denying science itself.

Well, the science says that the globe hasn’t actually warmed for the past decade and a half or more. Socialist Bernie Sanders denies that. He says that the debate is over about global warming. It’s as settled as a Supreme Court decision.

He was at the climate change march in New York City when he made his comments to PJTV’s Michelle Fields, according to the Daily Caller:

Fields asked Sanders, “You say that you’re concerned about global warming. Why is that we haven’t seen the planet warming the past 16 years?”

The Vermont senator incredulously responded, “Ohhh don’t tell me, don’t tell me you’re one of those?!”

“No, really!” said Fields. “You’re not going to answer the question?”

“The planet is warming up. The oceans are warmer than they used to be. We’ve just had the hottest summer in modern history,” said Sanders. “There really is not a debate anymore about global warming. That debate is over.”

“The scientific community is unanimous about it. You ask the Department of Defense of the United States what they consider to be one of the great national security issues, it is global warming. And the time is now what people are saying by the hundreds of thousands that we have to transform our energy systems away from fossil fuels, move to energy efficiency and sustainable energy.”

I’m not really convinced people like Sanders believe in it. I think they just realize the political and monetary potential in kowtowing to the environmental lobby.

Just look at what actor Leonardo DiCaprio does when he’s confronted about his Al Gore-like hypocrisy:

He all of a sudden goes deaf. That really makes me sad, because I like DiCaprio. I think he’s a really good actor. But, I also know that celebrities like him get caught up in this stuff, because believe it or not, it makes them look good. Celebrities are often involved with animal rights organizations or environmental organizations not only for the money, but also because it gives them a good public image. Not to me or you, but to most people, and all they care about is appealing to the broadest base, of which we’re obviously not a part.