Benghazi: The Terrible Brainlessness of Jon Stewart

I won’t insult your intelligence by suggesting that you really believe what you just said.” – William F. Buckley Jr.

There is a difference between intelligence, and ignorance. There are many intelligent people who have succumbed to the ravages of ignorance, either by choice, or by happenstance. In that “or” lies the rub. I have a difficult time believing that anyone who possesses a reasonable intelligence could be ignorant without trying really hard to be. We have the world at our fingertips. So, when I see a member of the liberal elite making comments that defy logic, I refuse to believe that they don’t know the truth.

Jon Stewart took on the Benghazi emails on his latest show. He said a lot in the five minutes he spent on the topic, but here’s a basic rundown:

1. Americans are sick of hearing about Benghazi.

2. The news has covered it sufficiently.

3. What about Bush?

Google the segment, or Hulu the entire episode to see it. It’s ridiculous.

Let’s examine Stewart’s argument. First, he mentions the number of times Benghazi has been talked about in the news. He simply states the hard number. What he doesn’t mention is the way in which the liberal news covers Benghazi. How many of the reports were hard hitting, and truly informative? We know that Sharyl Attkisson of CBS quit after her pursuit of the Benghazi story was frowned upon and stifled by CBS. Her computer was even hacked during her investigation. The leftist media doesn’t have any interest in Benghazi because it doesn’t advance their agenda. In fact, it impedes it, and harms their president. That being the case, while the major networks have had to cover Benghazi simply by virtue of its presence on the news landscape, I doubt they’ve covered it fairly. Moreover, how many of the stories simply involved mocking Republicans for their pursuit of the scandal? Hard numbers don’t paint the whole picture.

Second, he claims that Americans are sick of hearing about Benghazi. Are they? Most of my liberal friends don’t know anything about Benghazi, other than its existence on the news cycle. The details aren’t getting through, and I have a feeling that the reason they know so little is because their only source of information is Leftist media. Sick of it? Maybe, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a relevant issue, and it doesn’t mean that people actually know what happened.

Finally, the icing on the cake. Jon Stewart—a seemingly bright man—rehashes the old “But Bush did (insert failure here).” He actually makes the claim that since Republicans were not furious over president Bush’s scandals, that pursuing Benghazi further would be hypocritical. Let’s set the record straight here. We have a media which–when a president is Republican—makes it their one and only goal to destroy him. They doggedly investigate every mistake, down to the most trivial. That is what a media is supposed to do! They are supposed to keep politicians on their toes, and take down those who have deceived, and broken the law. However, when the president is a Democrat, the majority of the media refuses to investigate. That’s why Attkisson left CBS!

We have a president who gets away with everything because the media is in love with him. Bush got away with nothing because the media hated him. During Bush’s tenure, Republicans didn’t need to set up special committees, or demand answers, because answers were being found by the liberal journalists who were actually investigating potential scandals. They were doing their job, for once. Some, like Dan Rather, just made stuff up. In a world in which journalists actually do their job, perhaps this would have been over with by now.

Additionally, the argument that because Bush wasn’t investigated properly for his alleged abuses, we shouldn’t investigate Obama is outrageous. If that’s the case, no one should ever get in trouble for anything, because at some point in the past, their predecessor got away with something. It’s a stupid argument made by someone who should be a lot smarter about what comes out of his mouth.

I can’t believe that Jon Stewart believes what he said. It would be insulting to his intelligence. Or maybe I’m just giving him undue credit.