Ben Carson to Conservatives: Stop Letting “Racist” Label Bother You!

Ben Carson, the black neurosurgeon whom Republicans wish to run for President just because he’s black and is against Obamacare, wrote at, “Too many people are willing to listen to the inflammatory rhetoric of the dividers who happily toss out accusations of racism against critics of the president of the United States whenever people disagree with his policies.”

He’s right.

Conservatives listen to the left’s rhetoric of which he speaks; when they are accused of racism, they start sniveling about how they’re not racist. “Please, you’ve got to believe us!”

I say, so what if conservatives are racist? So what? You need to stop letting it bother you. By worrying about the names the Left calls you, you shrink yourselves and elevate them to superiority. The moment you start worrying about their labels for you, you’re then in their possession. They own you.

Elizabeth Wright was a reclusive black Libertarian blogger who unfortunately passed away in 2011. But she once wrote that “Racism is not ‘sin'” and besought white conservatives to stop being soft-touches and cowards.

“Over the years,” she wrote, “as whites have worked to defend themselves against the charge of ‘racism,’ they have validated this slur by giving it greater importance than it deserves, and thereby helped to institutionalize it as the world’s greatest ‘sin.'”

In case what this black woman is saying is too unfathomable a concept, let me put it bluntly: Grow a pair, white conservatives!

By acting affronted when you’re accused of racism, you’re validating the word “racist” as an effective insult. Stop denying accusations of racism. If the Left constantly accused you of being child rapists, would you keep denying it? Or, realizing their flagrant stupidity, their blatant attempts to suck you into their world of hysterics, would you turn the tables on them and ask, “What point are you trying to make?”

I’ll leave you to ruminate on this excerpt from another piece by the aforementioned Miss Wright (remember, she was a black woman):

[N]othing has changed in the White middle-class mindset and…fear of the “racist” label continues to rule as strongly as ever. We’ve now learned for certain that such Whites are determined never to put the name to their fear and anxiety. If anything, they are fighting all the harder to bury even deeper the visceral knowledge of what is going on in this country and the inevitable future that is on its way.

Even as other groups gradually dispossess them in the country whose political system was constructed by their forebears, conservative Whites persist in their obstinate assertion that their apparent discontent is “not about race.” What hogwash. Of course it’s about race and culture. Why shouldn’t it be? No matter how assiduously they deny it, resentment is growing over the ever-looming fact that this country, due to swiftly altering demographics, will no longer be the product of those Founders. And reality informs us that the ruling law, that is, the Constitution (or what’s left of it), soon will be openly renounced by competing populations that never have had even the remotest historical connection to the notions set forth by those Englishmen.