Barbara Boxer Proposes Law to Allow Family Members to Confiscate Guns from “Unstable” People

She’s calling her bill the Pause for Safety Act. It will allow family members who are concerned for another family member’s mental health to petition the court for a “gun violence prevention” warrant. As long as the court finds the person in question to be a threat to himself or others, they will issue the warrant, and the police will confiscate any weapons the person has, and that person will not be allowed to own a weapon after that.

Not surprisingly, the bill was inspired by the Santa Barbara killer, and also not surprisingly, would have done nothing to prevent his actions.

Here’s what Boxer said in support of this legislation:

 “We failed our children. Call it what you want, but we are failing our children because we have a basic task to keep them safe. We have a function here not to allow someone who is unstable or violent to get a weapon.”

This is merely an extension of what is already on the books. It just provides yet another avenue for gun confiscation.

The questions are the same. What is considered “unstable?” What is considered “mental illness?” Mental health officials often err on the side of calling someone mentally ill even if they’re not, because they don’t want to be held liable for that person’s actions just in case something does happen. It’s set up so that once you’re in the mental health system, there is very little you can do to get out and still have your 2nd Amendment rights. More than likely, if you’re there involuntarily, they’ll say that you’re not of sound mind to possess a weapon. Boxer’s bill just makes getting involuntarily committed easier.

So, if you’re a conservative in a family of liberals, this bill would allow them to petition the court to have your guns taken away on the basis of your “extremist” and “potentially violent” views.