Bank Manager Fired For Carrying Concealed Handgun To Work

She’s also a mother of three. She understands the value in carrying a concealed handgun for protection. And since banks are obvious targets for robbers, it seems like a common sense thing to do.

But as we know from many other businesses, the management don’t bother with common sense polices. We’ve had people at convenience stores get fired for defending themselves from burglars. We’ve also had a lot of defenseless employees dying at the hands of some armed robber. But many companies would rather their employee die than for their employee to defend himself successfully from an armed criminal.

I guess that’s why Wells Fargo had to fire one of their branch managers. Here’s Breitbart:

37-year-old single mom Ivette Ros is suing Wells Fargo Bank for firing her after she carried her concealed carry handgun to work at an Oldsmar, Florida, branch last year.

According to The Tampa Tribune, Ros has “has three children” and “carries the gun for safety.” That desire for safety came with her to her work as a branch manager for Wells Fargo. She said there are “a lot of robberies that happen in our banks. I feel safer having that weapon if I ever need to protect my employees.”

She brought her 9mm to work numerous times before – at times leaving it locked in the car and other times bringing it inside – but she “never openly displayed it.” She was fired after “someone noticed she had the gun with her and reported her to bank officials.”

Ros grew up around guns and said it ultimately boils down to “having it versus not having it,” explaining she feels “naked” when she doesn’t have her gun.

Her lawsuit “says the firing violated her constitutional right to carry arms” and seeks “monetary damages and attorney fees.”

Wouldn’t it be just a tad bit ironic if this bank where she worked were robbed shortly after her departure? A robbery which could be prevented by a gun-carrying employee to neutralize the threat. By her being fired for trying to protect herself and her fellow workers, the bank is only making those employees more vulnerable and open to attack. In fact, robbers bank on their targets’ being gun-free zones. That’s what makes their robberies successful.