Background Checks for Guns and Apartments, Why Not for Presidency!

One of the key features in all of the gun control talks is the requirement for everyone purchasing a gun to have a full background check done of them.  California wants to go a step further and require a background check to purchase ammunition.

If you have ever tried to rent an apartment these days, you will find that most apartment managers run a background and credit check on you before they will agree to rent to you.  I’ve known people who had difficulty finding a decent apartment because of minor arrests in their backgrounds.

Try buying a house without having a background check.  You think it’s only a credit check but think again.  I recall reading of a couple that wanted to purchase their dream home and had a large down payment.  Their credit check was great, but when a background check came back showing that the husband had been convicted of two felonies when he was a teenager (I believe they said he was in his mid-thirties at the time of the article), he was told the interest rate would be 2% higher than they previously quoted him because he was a legal risk.

I had a Series 6 Securities license a few years back and I had to get finger-printed and the company I worked for did a background check to make sure I didn’t have any felonies or major misdemeanors on my record.  The same holds true with many other types of professional licensing.

Many years ago, I had applied for the police department in my home town.  Upon submitting my application, they automatically ran a complete background check on me.  I know because they asked questions about my past and had my background check in front of them to see how honest I was.

When you enlist in the military, a background check is run to see if you meet military qualifications to defend your country.  My brother was in the Air Force during Vietnam.  He trained as a nuclear weapons specialist.  Before being accepted, they ran a very thorough background check on him.  The FBI not only interviewed everyone in the family and ran background checks on us, but they also interviewed his friends and some of his teachers from high school.

So why is it that no one bothered to run a background check on anyone running for the most powerful and dangerous position in the country: the President of the United States?  You cannot convince me that a thorough background check was run when Barack Obama submitted his paperwork to run for the presidency back in 2008.  If they had, they would have found all kinds of reds flags, stumbling blocks and hidden records, not to mention the question of where his birth took place and Obama would not have been allowed to run for the office and we would not be in the mess we’re in right now.