AZ Proposes Training One Armed Faculty Member Per School

Short of building perimeters around our schools like those around a prison, complete with armed guards may be the only means to prevent more school shootings like Columbine and Sandy Hook.  The last thing we need are TSA full body scanners being used every day on our children and school personnel.

No amount of laws and gun controls will stop the violence.  If you look at the last few shootings like Sandy Hook, you will quickly discover that strict gun laws were in place, but the perpetrators disregarded the laws and obtained the weapons illegally.

So are there any solutions that are feasible and practical that will help to stop or reduce the violence?

We’ve already seen where one Texas community is arming their teachers.  The school where Obama’s kids attend have 11 armed guards, even though he advocates against arming school security for anyone else.

Tom Horne, Arizona State Attorney General has proposed a new concept of arming one member of the faculty at each school in the state and giving that person special training on weapons and how to respond in case of an emergency.  He compared his plan to the one adopted by the FAA after 911, when they began to arm pilots on many flights.

In a statement, Horne said:

“The ideal solution would be to have an armed police officer in each school.  The next best solution is to have one person in the school trained to handle firearms, to handle emergency situations, and possessing a firearm in a secure location.”

“The designated individual (no more than one per school) would then be authorized to keep a firearm locked in a secure place, and would have adequate communication to be alerted to an emergency in any part of the school.”

“This proposal presents a golden mean between two extremes.  One extreme is to allow all teachers to bring guns to school, which could create more dangers than it prevents. The other extreme is to do nothing, which everyone will regret if a preventable incident like Newtown would occur in the future.”

Law enforcement officials are beginning to support Horne’s proposal as several sheriffs have said they support the plan.

I only have two problems with this program.  One is that the one weapon will be kept locked in a secure location.  What happens if another Adam Lanza starts shooting in that same controlled area and the one trained faculty cannot get to the locked cabinet?  It may be okay to keep a weapon locked and secure, but that trained faculty member should also carry a weapon with them at all times just like a member of law enforcement.  They need to be armed and ready to respond to an emergency regardless of where they are on campus.

Secondly, what happens if that one trained faculty member is out sick, injured or if they are taken out by a would-be attacker?  They need several faculty members from each school to be trained and armed.  That would provide better coverage and protection in the event anything happened.  After all, there is always strength in numbers.