High Schooler Suspended for 5 Days for Slicing an Apple

This high schooler had the audacity to slice an apple while on school grounds, and because of his actions, he got suspended for five days. Specifically, his crime was bringing a weapon to school. From The Blaze: A 10th-grade student in Bedford, Ohio, was giving a presentation on the importance of healthy eating when he did something that got him suspended for five days. What was his breach? He tried to slice an apple. According to WOIO-TV, Da’von Shaw was demonstrating alternatives to fried Read more […]

“Constitution Teacher” Verbally & Physically Assaults Christian Over Constitution

Many are familiar with Bradlee Dean. He is the founder of You Can Run International, a Christian ministry that seeks to fight for the youth of our land by going into public, government-run indoctrination centers and proclaiming the history of America, teaching the Constitution and the law of God and presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ. He also contributes articles to Last Resistance as well. Recently, members of his organization were not only verbally assaulted, but physically assaulted by a Read more […]

The IRS & The Liberal Media Set Their Sights On Same Groups

While the scandal with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) targeting conservative and Tea Party groups continues in the news, there is a connected scandal as well and this one involves the media attacking a conservative Christian ministry. Back in 2010 and 2011, MSNBC’s liberal talk show host Rachel Maddow decided she would weigh in on Bradlee Dean’s comments on homosexuality. The problem with Maddow’s comments that she made is that she accused Dean of calling for the execution of homosexuals, which Read more […]

Senate Passes House Debt Ceiling Bill To Add $450 Billion To Tax Payers

Well the Republican controlled House passed a measure that would increase the debt ceiling in trade for a budget from the Senate that would cut spending (Yeah, right. As if that is going to happen). Now the Senate has passed the measure by a vote of 64-34. The Associated Press reports, The legislation would temporarily suspend the $16.4 trillion limit on federal borrowing, which experts say would allow the government to borrow about $450 billion to meet interest payments and obligations Read more […]

Obama Wants To Reward Illegals With Citizenship, But Not Necessarily Secure Our Borders

It looks like Barack Obama is set to reject a major compromise in some new legislation being proposed by Democrat and RINO Republican Senators. While the Democrats are looking for a path to citizenship for illegal aliens, Republicans are looking to strengthen border security. Real Clear Politics reports, Obama wants to study the fine print of legislation once it is written, but administration officials were quick to say the president objects to linking an earned pathway to citizenship Read more […]

WI Sheriff Tells Residents “You Have A Duty To Protect Yourself & Your Family”

Finally, sheriffs from around the country are coming out vocally against potential gun grabs and gun control legislation by the Obama administration and Congress. One of the latest to not only come out in support of the Second Amendment, but in support of the residents of his county to protect themselves and their families is Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke. After all, Clarke says that calling 911 is not your best option when facing a violent criminal. In a radio ad, Clarke tells the Read more […]

Joe Biden: A “Shotgun Will Keep You A Lot Safer” Than An “Assault Weapon”

Vice President Joe Biden is one that is definitely known for his gaffes. Sitting in front of a fireplace in a Google+ “hangout” on Thursday, he attempted to push the Obama administration’s gun policy agenda. Like a good Socialist, he attempted to change the tone of the debate by stating, “I don’t view it as gun control. I view it as gun safety.” He then went on to say that “A shotgun will keep you a lot safer … than the assault [weapon] in somebody’s hands who doesn’t know how to use it.” Biden Read more […]

Serrano’s Blasphemous “Art” on Display While Anti-Muhammad Filmmaker Goes to Jail

Andres Serrano is the photographer and “artist” famous for his image that depicts a plastic crucifix submerged in the artist’s own urine. I don’t want to mention its title because I can’t stand typing it out. But you know what I’m talking about. This 23-year-old photo is now on display in New York City. He has other “works of art” that involve bodily fluids and feces. Most of his stuff is this bizarre, and much of it is pornographic. He has a series of photographs called “The Morgue,” Read more […]