10-Year-Old Girl Treated Like Terror Suspect at Airport Because of Juice Box

It’s something we all have to put up with if we have to fly on a plane. Once you get to the “security” checkpoint, the U.S. Constitution is no longer binding. Everyone is treated as a potential terrorist. There are no exceptions. Well, unless you might actually be a terrorist, in which case the TSA wouldn’t want to be guilty of racial profiling. They wouldn’t want to offend anyone. The Blaze reported: A forgotten Capri Sun juice pouch left inside a 10-year-old girl’s carry-on bag Read more […]

In the Midst of Media’s Unfair Treatment, Ben Carson Raises $3.5 Million

While the media are busy trying to track down Ben Carson’s kindergarten teacher to unearth his next scandal, his campaign brought in $3.5 million from some 70,000 donors. He also garnered another 100,000 Facebook fans. This all happened in the week that the media really started to pile on him. First, the media questioned Carson’s account of his violent temper as a youth. Then, they questioned his West Point story and accused him of claiming to have received a full scholarship, even though Read more […]

Harry Reid on GOP: They’ve “Lost Their Moral Compass”

How dare they try to remove federal funding from an organization that provides infanticide  reproductive healthcare for women. Everyone knows that Planned Parenthood is the only place that provides cancer screenings and STI testing. No doctor’s office or urgent care clinic offers those very unique services. Shutting off federal funding to Planned Parenthood would mean that women will now have to be forced to get cancer and STIs. Only a group of people who had “lost their moral compass” Read more […]

Global Warming Skeptics Create Organization to Combat Church of Climatology

Remember the 2009 Climategate scandal that revealed that scientific journals were deliberately keeping out “skeptic” studies and only publishing those that fit their politically correct narrative? That’s actually what led to the over-quoted and mythical “97%” figure that politicians and media personalities have latched on to. In response to this political/pseudo-scientific club where only members with certain opinions were allowed in, a group of scientists and meteorologists have gotten Read more […]

Hillary Clinton Suggests Trump “Triggered” Charleston Mass Murder

Liberals always want to blame someone else for their problems in order to push some agenda. Predictably, the major news outlets and left-leaning politicians have all come out to use the Charleston church mass murder to renew calls for more gun control and to talk about how “White America” must pay for this atrocity. They don’t blame the one person who committed the act. Their solution is to foment racial and political divisiveness and push gun restrictions on everyone. Hillary Clinton is Read more […]

3 Black Guys Rob 3 White Guys at Gunpoint; 1 Dead, 2 Injured

One of the white guys was armed. The three of them were moving into an apartment in Aurora, Colorado when three black guys whose ages ranged from 16 to 20 approached them and demanded their money at gunpoint. The two movers who were unarmed began to empty their pockets, but the third mover was armed. He pulled out his gun and shot each of the robbers one at a time. One of them ended up dying in the hospital, one was critically wounded, and the last sustained only a gunshot wound to the shoulder. Read more […]

Video: Armed Black Driver Holds White Carjacker at Gunpoint for Police

This carjacker definitely picked on the wrong guy to rob. Hashim Fannin had just pulled into a Family Dollar parking store parking lot in Atlanta when an older white guy hopped in the passenger seat and said, “You know what this is.” Fannin pulled out his gun and ordered the guy to the ground. While the carjacker was on the ground, being held there at gunpoint by the armed black driver, he claimed that he wasn’t trying to rob the man. He thought the driver was his friend. Yeah, that’s what Read more […]

Homeowner Shoots and Kills Intruder With One Shot

A homeowner in Tennessee shot once and killed an intruder who broke in his house through one of the front windows. It’s important to remind ourselves why we bring up these stories. It’s not because we have some “fascination with guns,” as a police chief in Ohio stated in response to a tragic incident where a 3-year-old had shot a 1-year-old in the face. It’s not because we have a sick fascination with “gun violence” or death. It’s always tragic when someone loses his life, whether Read more […]

UK Green Party Open to Considering Polygamous Marriages

The leader of the Green Party of England and Wales said she’s open to considering polygamous marriages. Marriage has been redefined to the point that it doesn’t really mean anything anymore. If two guys want to get married, they should be able to. Their “marital” status doesn’t have any effect on anyone else, so no one else should care. If you don’t like gay marriage, then don’t marry someone of the same sex. They say it doesn’t have any effect on anyone else. Yeah, tell that Read more […]

Black Judge Lets Black Armed Burglar Off With Probation, Condemns White Victims for “Racism”

A black judge was more offended by a three-year-olds “racism” after being terrorized at gunpoint by a black male, than by the perpetrator. A couple years ago, a couple of armed criminals broke in a family’s home and held the married couple and their 3-year-old daughter at gunpoint while ransacking the place and stealing the family’s valuables. The criminal duo happened to be black. Now, according the parents, their then 3-year-old daughter is afraid of black men. This fact deeply offended Read more […]

John Kerry Prophesies: “Climate Refugees…in the Not-Too-Distant Future”

Saying that there are going to be droughts and food shortages at some point in the future, just as there have been countless times in the past, is not in question. We very well may have to deal with food and water shortages at some point. But that’s not all Kerry was saying. Anytime Kerry or any other alarmist mentions the climate and all the horrible things that are going to happen, he’s talking about manmade global warming. He ties the food and water shortages, the droughts, the famines, Read more […]

Students Find Insect Larvae in Michelle-Approved Lunch

Remember the old days when you could make your own lunch at home and bring it with you to school in a paper brown bag? Nowadays, we know so much better. Students have to eat food out of the cafeteria where the food can be approved by school officials for quality assurance. But I hear it’s pretty hit or miss with regards to quality. Mostly miss. It was Michelle Obama who campaigned so aggressively for the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act, an act which has so far left kids unhealthy and starving. Read more […]