Sen. Rand Paul for President 2016?

The Conservative Political Action Conference ended over the weekend.  It featured a number of conservative Republican speakers from state and federal politics.  Before the conference ended, they conducted their 2016 presidential preference straw poll.  When the votes were counted, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) garnered 25% of the votes.  This surprised many who believed that Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) was the overwhelming favorite yet Rubio finished just behind Paul with 23% of the vote.  Rick Santorum, Read more […]

Mississippi Passes Anti-Bloomberg Bill

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been making headlines and enemies over the past year due to his dictatorial edicts against food, drink, pain killers and guns.  Perhaps because he is one of the 10th richest people in the United States, he feels he has the right to impose restrictions upon how much food, drink and painkillers people in his city are allowed to have. This past week, a New York judge ruled that Bloomberg’s ban on selling and serving large sugary drinks was arbitrary and Read more […]

If Obama Really Wants to Stop Violence, He Needs to Start with Black Gangs

It seems that ever since Barack Obama moved into the White House, the number of incidents of violence by black mobs has been steadily increasing.  Some of the violence is against other blacks, but the number of cases where it has been directed at whites has taken an upward trend. Still little or nothing is being done to stop the growing violence being carried out by black gangs and mobs.  In fact, it seems the liberal media does its best to play it down and not make it a big news story.  They Read more […]

Judge Cans Bloomberg’s Big Sugary Drink Ban

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg believes that his immense wealth automatically gives him the power to dictate the way people live.  He doesn’t govern by reason, but rather what his personal feelings are.  He doesn’t like guns, so he is spending millions of dollars to outlaw guns throughout the nation.  He doesn’t like painkillers being sold on the streets, so he limits their use in hospitals to patients who need them.  He doesn’t like people to have sugary drinks, so he has done Read more […]

Texas School Trying to Cover Itself Over Report of Girls Made to Wear Burquas

Two weeks ago I reported on a high school in Lumberton, Texas that forced some girls to wear Muslim burquas as part of a class assignment on Islam.  The lesson is one of many questionable parts of the CSCOPE curriculum that has infiltrated at least 80% of Texas schools. CSCOPE is a very liberal anti-American and anti-Christian curriculum that seems bent on undermining American history, patriotism and our Christian foundations.  It teaches that the Boston Tea Party was an act of terrorism, Allah Read more […]

Vice Principal Bullies Innocent Student To Catch A Cyber Bully

I thought that school teachers and administrators were supposed to do everything in their power to stop bullying.  But does that give them the right to bully an innocent student in order to track down another student that is guilty of cyber bullying? Evidently, Everett School District in Everett, Washington, believes it does. The vice principal at North Middle School had information about a student who was posting inappropriate photos on their Facebook page in an effort to cyber bully another Read more […]

School Confiscates Plastic Army Men on Top Of 3rd Grader’s Birthday Cupcakes

Toy plastic army men have been around since 1938.  I’m not sure how many have been sold in the US since that time, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the number equals the national debt.  Over fifty years ago, my two brothers and I had several thousand of them and we staged our own battles, using rubber bands to shoot each other’s men down. Battling each other has been part of our sinful nature ever since Cain slew Abel.  Almost every boy battles evil armies, bad guys, monsters and all kinds Read more […]

How Welfare is Draining the System

Over the weekend, I was watching the local news before going to bed.  A story they ran caught my attention and it had to do with the amount of government assistance that some people can get. The news story centered on a single mother of 2 that lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Five years ago she didn’t have any alternative but to apply for welfare and government assistance.  Since that time, she has been trying to work her way off of welfare, but the system has sucked her in so deep that Read more […]

Cops Say You’re On Your Own for First Half Hour or So After Calling 9-1-1

Have you ever asked your local police department how long it would take them to respond to a call for help at your house that someone is breaking in?  Have you ever asked them what you’re supposed to do between the time you call for help and the time they arrive? Investigators from Project Veritas visited a number of police stations and asked the same questions.  To begin with, the response time varied from a couple minutes to over an hour if at all.  In many cases, the response time for Read more […]

Democrats Are Just Like Starlings

Throughout most of the United States, you can see large flocks of a blackish bird known as the common or European starling.  Their scientific name, Sturnus vulgaris, was given to them for obvious reasons.  They are noisy and have a very unpleasant voice, and they are very messy. Starlings were first introduced into the US by the noble efforts of a Shakespeare fan, Eugene Schieffelin.  He was the president of the American Acclimatization Society and made it his goal to introduce every bird that Read more […]

TSA and the Dreaded Sequester

President Barack Obama and Rep Nancy Pelosi have been running around like Chicken Little for the past couple of weeks screaming that ‘the sky is falling, the sky is falling.’  The dreaded sequester was going to plunge us back into the Dark Ages and according to Rep Maxine Waters, 170 million of America’s out of the total 120 million working, will lose their jobs if sequestration is allowed to happened.  (She did revise her figures to 750,000 once the error was pointed out to her.) Yet, Read more […]

Affordable Care Act Allowing IRS to Collect Billions from Health Insurers

Every time I see another report telling us how much more the Affordable Care Act is going to cost the American people, I keep hearing the words of Rep. Nancy Pelosi telling the American people on Meet the Press last July: “…everybody will have lower rates, better quality care and better access.” It’s coverage that’s going down and costs going up, just as opponents predicted. In the latest cost surge of Obamacare, the IRS announced last week that they will begin to collect $8 billion in Read more […]