Grab the Popcorn for Alabama Showdown: Gay White Libs vs. Straight Black Libs has an amazing story involving two of the Left’s darling factions battling it out. A white professor is suing Alabama State University (ASU) over claims the historically black university discriminated against him and his partner based on their race and sexual orientation. What does a liberal do when faced with these options: support those whom they call “colored,” whom we have been indoctrinated to think of as historically the primary recipients of discrimination and as the pioneers Read more […]

Why Hillary Clinton Supposedly Will NOT Run in 2016

As the presidential election of 2016 approaches (it’s almost a year and a half away, but in the world of politics, that’s considered looming), more and more people are starting to express doubt that Hillary Clinton will run for president. One pattern I’ve noticed, however, is that it seems mostly to be liberals who express such doubts, not conservatives. One obvious reason for this is that they are trying to deflect criticism of Clinton’s horrible job as President Obama’s secretary of state. They Read more […]

As Young Lawyer, Hillary Clinton Defended Child Rapist She Knew Was Guilty

Back when Sen. Ted Cruz was a practicing lawyer, the state of Texas appointed him the defendant for a man by the name of Thomas Alfred Taylor, age 41. Cruz agreed to do it. Taylor had been accused of luring a 12-year-old girl into his car and raping her. Being accused of something does not mean you are guilty, of course. But according to newly discovered audio recordings, Cruz had no doubt in his mind that his client was guilty as sin. Taylor raped that 12-year-old, and Cruz admits he knew Read more […]

Media Sensationalism: “Rick Perry Compares Homosexuality to Alcoholism!”

People familiar with my writing know that I am an equal-opportunity offender and defender. I will criticize Sarah Palin (fairly, in my opinion), but I’ll also defend her against unfair criticism. I’ll do the same for liberals. I’ll even defend idiots from attacks in spite of their idiocy. Rick Perry, for example. The Texas Governor is a stupid person (relax, it’s just my opinion), but he’s being falsely accused of something else because the leftists with San Francisco’s CBS affiliate are Read more […]

Left vs. Right: A Dialog on TX’s New LGBT Concentration Camps

Leftist: Did you hear what happened in Texas? Rightist: No, what happened? L: They’ve basically set up a giant concentration camp for LGBTQQIIAA+ people. R: That’s a lot of letters. L: Yeah, well I don’t want to discriminate against anybody. R: So a concentration camp, eh? L: Yeah, the tea baggers running the Texas GOP added what they call “reparative therapy” to their platform, and that’s basically a nice-sounding word for a concentration camp for gays. I mean LGBTQQIIAA+ people. R: Read more […]

Bieber Confession: Used “the N-Word” Years Ago; Black Celebrity Makes Him Pay Penance

Justin Bieber has a song called “One Less Lonely Girl,” but in a home video from five years ago, he sang the song with the lyrics changed from “girl” to “n*gger.” What follows are excerpts from Rolling Stone’s article on what professional homosexual and blogger-on-the-side Perez Hilton calls a “horror.” Bieber’s team reportedly told the gossip site that they want the video online so he can own up to it. Religious confession. TMZ reports that Bieber had seen video of a comedian parodying Read more […]

Obama’s Workout Video and Why Conservatives Aren’t Taken Seriously

President Obama was caught on camera at a hotel gym lifting weights. I saw the video and, before I read any comments, I knew what they would be. In fact, I knew what the comments would be before I even saw the video. One reason I stopped calling myself a conservative was because of how embarrassing it was to associate with a group of people who had become just as petty as the liberals and Democrats. As maturity goes, conservatives are not there. At all. They’re just as childish as liberals. Obama Read more […]

Lesbian Parties, Queer Confessionals, and Tranny Kickball Come to D.C.

It is Pride Week in the nation’s capital, a celebration not of heritage or of country, but of the desire to bed members of the same sex. It’s fitting that such an event of such debauchery would take place at the capital of a debauched nation. Fritz Hahn has in The Washington Post’s Weekend section a write-up of some of Pride Week’s events. As he describes it, it is “a full week of parties, happy hours and dance nights building up to the June 7 parade through Dupont Circle and the massive June Read more […]

Michelle Obama: GOP Is Anti-Science for Allowing Women to Buy Potatoes

Michelle Obama warned readers in an an op-ed for The New York Times on Wednesday that, “Right now, the House of Representatives is considering a bill to override science by mandating that white potatoes be included on the list of foods that women can purchase using WIC dollars. Now, there is nothing wrong with potatoes. The problem is that many women and children already consume enough potatoes and not enough of the nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables they need.” So much for being pro-choice. Read more […]

Survey: England Becoming More Racist as Realities of Diversity Manifest

Racism is born from the perceived threat of outsiders taking what is yours, whether that’s your community, your homeland, your culture, your life, or what have you. Racism is not blind hatred. Blind hatred is just hatred. If someone hates members of another race, that’s not racism; that’s just hatred. If someone hates members of the opposite sex, that’s not sexism; that’s just hatred. What is commonly thought of as racism today was given the name “racism” for political reasons. And it’s that Read more […]

Attacking Their Own: “American Girl” Doll Makers Accused of Racism–by Anti-Whites!

The diversity fetishists behind the American Girl brand of dolls is now being accused of racism by their fan base. A beautiful thing it is, witnessing the Left turn on their own, isn’t it? American Girl dolls, for those who didn’t read what I wrote in January and have never heard of them, are a series of dolls that “celebrate” diversity of religion and race, the effect (and intention) of which is to make non-white children wish they weren’t white, that they were “diverse.” Yes, “diverse” Read more […]

Why I Love Rahm: Chicago to Video-Record Gun Sales–by the Psychotic Liberal

By the Psychotic Liberal: RAHM EMANUEL IS THE BEST MAYOR EVER OMG! I can totally see why President Barack Obama hired him in his first term. This guy really knows his stuff and he’s very progressive. We need his brand of progress in this country. Here’s the awesome news from CBS’s Chicago affiliate: Mayor Rahm Emanuel is proposing a far-reaching ordinance that would keep gun stores out of most parts of the city and require them to videotape every sale to deter customers from buying firearms Read more […]