Attendance Suppression Tactics On Full Display At Voter ID Protest Rally

“The NAACP planned a peaceful march to protest the requirement of voter ID laws on Saturday at the ‘Moral March on Raleigh.’ Organizers said 20,000 to 30,000 Americans showed up to the protest…In a flyer sent out entitled ‘Important Do’s and Don’ts for Marchers,’ some very responsible marching elements were listed for people’s safety.” – Yehuda Remer

Can you guess what those important do’s and don’ts were? If you had to take a wild guess as to what one would need for a protest or a march during which they might need to identify themselves, what would it be? Certainly the liberal protesters wouldn’t advise bringing photo identification to a rally protesting photo identification, would they? That they would.

I wonder how all those poor minorities who have no time, money, or ability to get proper identification will attend the rally. It’s really a mind-bender, that one. I mean, minorities clearly have no way of getting photo ID. I’ve never seen a minority driving around in a car, because they would need identification to buy it. I’ve never seen a minority at the bank, because they would need identification to open an account. I’ve never seen a minority inside an apartment complex, because they’d need ID to rent. I’ve never ever heard of a minority on federal assistance, because they’d need ID to apply. I just assumed all minorities live in the woods, because I’ve never once seen them about town. They’d need ID to have any sort of life.

But I suppose that if the rally is important enough, the poor, seemingly disabled minorities will be able to scrape up the $10 necessary for a photo ID, and somehow make it to the local DMV. Then—in a feat that I believe to be quite inspiring—take a ticket off the ticket roll, and wait in line at great monetary cost, to stand heroically in front of a public employee to have their picture taken for their ID. If those poor, sad, oppressed, and weary minorities make it through that process, I applaud them. It’s all rather heartbreaking.

I would argue, however, that the rally is trying to stop minorities from attending, what with its ID recommendations. It’s clearly an attendance suppression tactic, and I find it rather vile. Why on earth would the rally need people to identify themselves? We’re all Americans here, and anyone who would question that is a loon. I mean, it’s not as if the rally will determine the fate of our nation, like an election or something. It’s not as if people who aren’t citizens would try to attend the rally, and influence its outcome in some way. It’s not as if people would try to attend the rally pretending to be their dead relative. That’s crazy talk.

Well, we live in crazy times. I hope that one day, we won’t need identification to go to rallies. I hope attendance suppression tactics will be stamped out, like they should have been with Jim Crow laws. Maybe I’m just a dreamer.