Attacking Their Own: “American Girl” Doll Makers Accused of Racism–by Anti-Whites!

The diversity fetishists behind the American Girl brand of dolls is now being accused of racism by their fan base. A beautiful thing it is, witnessing the Left turn on their own, isn’t it?

American Girl dolls, for those who didn’t read what I wrote in January and have never heard of them, are a series of dolls that “celebrate” diversity of religion and race, the effect (and intention) of which is to make non-white children wish they weren’t white, that they were “diverse.”

Yes, “diverse” nowadays is a word that is nonsensically applied to individuals rather than to groups. It’s illogical—how can a single person be diverse? It makes no sense. But according to leftists, a black person is somehow diverse and a white person is not. As explained by a supporter of “diversity” (someone who is anti-white), one of the white dolls, Isabelle, “is a blond ballet dancer whose primary accessories are her vanity table and yoga mat. And while she isn’t outwardly diverse in any quantifiable way…” (emphasis mine). So you see, “diverse” just means non-white, and to celebrate “diversity” is to celebrate non-whiteness.

It’s easy to mistakenly believe the primary market for these dolls is young girls, but the reality is that the dolls are there for the parents to give to their kids in order to make the parents feel good about themselves for inculcating their children into the world of equality and respect for different cultures. Sure, the kids enjoy the dolls too, but leftist parents want the dolls for their kids more than the kids themselves do.

So why is the American Girls brand now being called racist by non-whites, the very people they seek to appease?

Last week they announced on Facebook that they will be discontinuing four of their dolls. Two of those dolls are unintentionally comically referred to as “dolls of color.” They are Ivy (Asian) and Cécile (“African-American”). (And if you noticed that that doesn’t sound like a very African-American name at all, you’re a racist.)

And that’s it. That’s why it’s racist. Discontinuing the manufacture of a doll that is “of color” is racist. 

Two of the other dolls being discontinued, Ruthie and Marie-Grace, are white, but closing down shop on those two isn’t racist. Why? Because they’re white (haven’t you been paying attention?).

Are those two colored dolls the only colored dolls in the My American Girl series? No.

The company maintains its “My American Girl” series, where collectors can create dolls in their likeness, and its “Girl of the Year” series, to which a new doll is introduced annually. The brand also continues to manufacture some of the very same dolls it did when it launched, known to collectors as the “Historical Characters,” and those dolls reflect a variety of backgrounds and races. So though the company is eliminating its “Best Friends” collection, character pairings of which Cécile and Ivy are a part, there’s no shortage of cultural variety.

If only there were! Anti-whites are complaining about the lack of diversity in a group of dolls that is dripping with diversity. At least if there were actually a lack of diversity, it wouldn’t be so creepy that they’re complaining. Right now they’re just whining about their own imagined bogeymen.