Atheists Outraged Over Nativity Scene in Small Town

It’s the time of the season when Atheists get outraged. It’s that time when they go around and pretend to be offended by Nativity scenes on public property and make threats and file lawsuits. They say Nativity scenes are violations of the Constitution, specifically the 1st Amendment, which apparently prohibits local government representatives from expressing themselves.

Residents in Wadena, Minnesota had grown accustomed to seeing a Nativity scene in their public park, until the Freedom From Religion Foundation barged in and demanded that the city remove it. They recommended that the city donate the scene to a private owner. They claimed that its display on public property was unconstitutional. KARE 11 reported:

The Wadena city council voted unanimously but hesitantly to remove a beloved nativity scene from a city park Tuesday night.

Mayor George Deiss says for as long as anyone in Wadena can remember the nativity scene has been displayed at Burlington Northern Park. It used to be in the band shell, but was moved to the heart of the park last year and caught the eye of a resident.

“They were offended that we had put it out on city property,” Deiss said.

He argues the display is not about religion.

“When something is put up that many years it becomes a tradition to the city,” he said.

But a group from Wisconsin called the Freedom From Religion Foundation believes the scene that people have come to love so much actually violates the constitution because it does not separate church from state.

“There are a number of traditions that should be stopped and those are ones that violate the constitution. So no matter how long they’ve been perpetuating this illegal display, now is the time to stop it. Now that they are aware of it,” Patrick Elliot an attorney with Freedom From Religion said.

Tuesday’s council meeting was packed. Resident after resident spoke up in favor of keeping the display. But fear of a lawsuit convinced the council and Mayor Deiss it was time to break with tradition. They voted to donate the display to the local Ministerial Association, who can showcase the display on private property.

Each year the Freedom From Religion Foundation gets dozens of similar complaints across the country, according to Elliot. The group is currently suing a county in Indiana over its nativity scene.

 These Atheists are just so passionate about the law, the Constitution, and using higher authorities to enforce those laws that they’re willing to crash small towns and ruin their traditions. All because they love the rule of law so much.

But as Atheists, why do they even care about the idea of “law” in the first place? Laws are societal conventions. You can’t see them. They don’t occur in nature. They’re made up. So is the idea that we have to be subject to “governing authorities.” So, these Atheists are okay with submitting themselves to the governing authorities, people who got elected to positions of power by the rules of a document written by other governing authorities in the past? Hm. Sounds an awful lot like a scam to me. It sounds like these self-proclaimed “governing authorities” have a good thing going, all to keep themselves in power and all their “subjects” slaves to them. Kind of like how Atheists complain of “organized religion.”

Never mind the fact that this document, which the Atheists for whatever reason are appealing to as an authoritative document, doesn’t even say what they say it does. It prohibits Congress from making a law respecting an establishment of religion. It doesn’t say anything about city representatives not being able to erect Nativity scenes in public parks. These Atheists need to get a job.