Atheists Outraged Over Cross and Angels on Deceased Schoolteacher’s Memorial

Joann Christy had taught at Ravenswood Middle School in West Virginia for over 25 years when she died in a car accident in 2004. She was very well-loved, and a stone memorial was made for her. The display made in her memory had crosses and angels etched in. And we all know how Atheists get when they see crosses. Something like a vampire’s reaction to garlic.

Leave it to a bunch of Atheists to suck the lifeblood out of anything that smacks of non-Atheistic religion. The Blaze reported:

An atheist group is taking aim at a school memorial erected to commemorate the life and legacy of a teacher who was killed in an automobile accident back in 2004, claiming that certain elements of the display constitute a violation of the First Amendment.

Ravenswood Middle School in Ravenswood, West Virginia, received a complaint from the Freedom From Religion Foundation, an activist group, which said that the monument, which included angels and a cross, poses “serious constitutional violations,” WSAZ-TV reported.

The display, which includes a park bench and etched stones, was setup to honor Joann Christy, who taught at the school for more than 25 years, with supporters claiming that the memorial was a way to simply keep the teacher’s memory alive.

But atheists say that the symbols are simply unacceptable.

“The First Amendment mandates that schools cannot advance or promote religion, so that’s what this display is doing,” Freedom From Religion Foundation attorney Patrick Elliott told WSAZ-TV.

Christy’s family did remove the crosses, but decided not to remove the angels, noting that the teacher collected them and that they are a representation of who she was; if it unclear if the angels will continue to be a sticking point for the atheist group.

“If there’s an angel that’s more-so representative of that particular person, then I don’t know if there would be a legal issue with that,” Elliot told the outlet.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation also took issue with a live nativity display that was allegedly included in a Christmas program at the school, asking Ravenswood Middle School officials to investigate both matters.

The issue will be further discussed by school leaders at a board meeting on Thursday night.

They’ve likely teamed up with the local Satanist Church in the event that the school refused to remove the intersecting line segments, commonly called a “cross.” If the school had refused, the FFRF would have had the Church of Satan come in and erect a giant “memorial” to Baphomet right next to the teacher’s memorial and say, “Well, your memorial promotes Christianity, and since all religions are allowed, we should be allowed to promote Satanism.” The Atheist groups would conveniently step in and try to mediate and say, “Or…we could just get rid of any and all references to or suggestions of religion [save Atheism].”

The 1st Amendment doesn’t say anything about schools or even states preferring a particular religion over others. It says “Congress shall make no law.” Since this has absolutely nothing to do with a law that Congress enacted, there is no “serious Constitutional violation.” And why would a group of Atheists even care about what the Constitution says? They don’t even believe in morality, let alone a set of written laws and standards by which our governing authorities must operate. Why would they bother appealing to an “outdated,” “racist” document like the Constitution? I don’t think they care about the Constitution. They only care about promoting and establishing Atheism as the government’s religion of choice and eradicating all other religions, particularly Christianity.